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Item #: SCP-3711

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3711 is to be kept in a greenhouse at bio-research Area 7, clean up of SCP-3711’s cell must be held 2 times a day. The temperature should be kept at a constant 17°C-31°C. SCP-3711 must be pruned at least 2 times a week until it is 1.5m tall. Watering of SCP-3711 should be done 2 times a day with 10-15 litres of water per watering. At no point should any highly flammable objects be placed inside SCP-3711 containment cell for an extended period of time. Requests from SCP-3711 are to be granted by a 02 level personal or above.

Description: SCP-3711 is a member of the plantae kingdom that resembles a large Acacia tree (Acacia crassicarpa Benth) lacking leaves giving it a dead appearance. Despite the fact that SCP-3711 looks dead, it still has the ability to grow at faster than normal rates. SCP-3711 branches are able to break through most materials given enough time, and will break the ceiling of its containment cell to [REDACTED].

SCP-3711 has the ability to capture sentient creatures, once captured, the victim will be considered SCP-3711-1. SCP-3711 will encase them in branches and twigs until SCP-3711-1 body isn't visible expect for the head of SCP-3711-1. Once this process is completed, SCP-3711 will start to inject psychedelics and painkillers into SCP-3711-1 until it is completely unconscious, after this, SCP-3711 will turn SCP-3711-1 into a part of itself by decapitating limbs that are of no use to it (Legs, Arms, Genitals) the victim feels no pain due to the large amount of painkillers and Psychedelics going into the victims body. After this process has ended with SCP-3711 will stop injecting painkillers into SCP-3711-1, after a 24 hours SCP-3711 will wake up and will start to speak as if nothing happend, after another 24 hours, SCP-3711-1 will start speak about SCP-3711 how much the entity has done for the victim, around 5-10 hours, SCP-3711-1 does not act like it former self and only speaks for what SCP-3711 feels, or wants, often referring to SCP-3711 as “the king” or as “the lord.” SCP-3711 keeps SCP-3711-1 alive by piercing a hollow branch that into SCP-3711-1 stomach and start feeding the entity with water and nutrients through the hollow branch. Attempts to release SCP-3711-1 have proven to be ineffective, when cut down, the subject dies from blood loss, heart failure, and subsequent death, these effects are are unable to be prevented.

SCP-3711 does not seem to have a way to reproduce lacking seeds, despite the fact, SCP-3711-1 will continue request that “the lords seeds are spread across the globe.” Majority of SCP-3711's requests are to continue its species, chemicals, and highly toxic elements to be poured onto it or placed beside it, the reason for these chemicals are currently unknown. Majority of these requests are granted, as they don't seem to prove affect it physically, but improves its mood.

SCP-3711 possesses no roots except for an organic sphere that lays beneath the ground. This sphere is made up using bark and thick linings of fiber. This “shell” is hypothesized to be the originating place of SCP-3711s seed, breaking into the shell requires around 6000-7000 newtons of force in order to chip the shell of SCP-3711, attempts to find a practical use for SCP-3711s shell is still currently being researched.

Addendum SCP-3711: Discovery
SCP-3711 was discovered by the foundation when Law enforcement got noise complaints of a man “screaming” for a straight 5 hours, when police personal entered the home, they found SCP-3711 with SCP-3711-1 still being encased (unconscious) . SCP-3711 was found to much smaller then it is now. (presumably still in infancy.) Field Agents were dispatched to the scene and took SCP-3711 to the nearest foundation. After confinement, SCP-3711-1 was cut down from SCP-3711, but was subsequently killed from blood loss after being taken down. The man was Identified as Frank ██████, previously a biologist studying the ████ of the Acacia Tree.

Frank █████ is thought to be the creator of SCP-3711 and killed before he could learn as to what it does.

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