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SCP-3705 as photographed by Recovery Team 03

Item #: SCP-3705

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3705 is held in a Level 4 biological containment cell located on the third floor of Site-251. The exterior of the cell is lined with a classified steel alloy designed to resist corrosive materials and insulate the chamber at a constant temperature at 33.8 degrees Celsius. The sole access point to this chamber, a remotely operated CL-2 MAGLOCK door controlled by an offsite monitoring team, must be inspected for damage daily and repaired as necessary by assigned D-Class maintenance teams. Any damage that cannot be adequately repaired by these teams or that poses an immediate risk of a containment breach must be reported to the site supervisor; at their discretion, a full site lockdown may be enacted. Personnel will be notified of any such events via their waist-mounted radio devices.

Due to the nature of SCP-3705, all site staff are required to utilize Class-B hearing protection at all times unless otherwise directed. A five meter perimeter surrounding the containment chamber, referred to as "Red Zone", must be maintained at all times and remain devoid of any nonessential personnel. Any abnormal sounds or vocalizations from SCP-3705 are to be reported to the site supervisor and not investigated; entry to the containment chamber is disallowed without explicit prior authorization. Under no circumstances should personnel remove their hearing protection when operating at Site-251 for any reason, nor should personnel conduct unnecessary or low-priority operations in the proximity of SCP-3705. Should site staff report hearing SCP-3705, regardless of distance, they must be isolated in a soundproof security chamber immediately and held for at least 48 hours pending a psychiatric evaluation.

SCP-3705 is sentient and will undergo frequent attempts to breach or otherwise undermine containment efforts, often through methods previously undocumented by the Foundation. These Special Containment Procedures do not represent a comprehensive list of SCP-3705's behavioral traits; as such, personnel are to exercise sound judgement and follow stated regulations at all times. Project reassignment will be considered if such a request is submitted to the site supervisor in writing. At least six weeks of continuous service at Site-251 is mandatory prior to requesting project reassignment.

NOTICE 33-B: In the event of a Containment Breach, all personnel must immediately evacuate the facility and maintain a distance of no less than 100 meters from SCP-3705 at all times. Personnel not able to leave the facility should seek out four emergency shelters situated along the perimeter of Site-251 and remain there until an all-clear is sounded.

Description: SCP-3705 designates a sentient, predatory entity superficially resembling the "Terry T-Rex" mascot from █████████ Amusements, Inc. When not exposed to external stimuli or in the immediate presence of a human subject, SCP-3705 is generally docile and remains sedentary at the northwestern corner of its containment chamber or will wander along its perimeter aimlessly. Though SCP-3705 is incapable of human speech, it will emit vocalizations believed to belong to an unidentified "language"; research regarding this language and a possible method by which it can be translated is ongoing. The interior of the containment chamber is continuously littered with an unknown material aesthetically resembling cotton stuffing, typically used in stuffed animals or mascot costumes; the nature and origin of this material is unknown. Based on all available data, SCP-3705 appears to be hollow and composed entirely of this material; no blood or internal organs have yet to be documented.

Through unknown means, SCP-3705 is able to detect the presence of human subjects within a 5 meter radius from its location. It will respond to all human subjects indiscriminately, but appears to possess a preference for individuals within the 5-18 age bracket or pregnant mothers. Predatory activity is generally marked with frequent attempts to "lure" the subject towards SCP-3705, often with vocalizations described as similar to the laughter of a child or a "reassuring, calming voice" (See Document IS-99: "Park Guests Report Strange Laughter from Tunnel of Love Ride, 1998"). Once in close physical proximity to SCP-3705, the subject will be incapacitated, generally through the forced removal of the Achilles heel or several muscles and tendons key to locomotion. SCP-3705 will then remove the aforementioned stuffing-like material from its orifices (typically the mouth) and insert this material into the subject through the mouth, eye socket, or [REDACTED] (See Document IS-33: "Missing Woman Found With Stuffing Inside Intestine", 2003"). Once SCP-3705 has entered a predatory state, it will pursue its victim endlessly and disregard all containment procedures, exhibiting the ability to vanish and reappear at theoretically any location.

After SCP-3705 has inserted this material into the subject, they will suffer a variety of physiological and mental changes culminating in expiration. Such symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Severe psychosis, often with paranoid delusions and disassociation
  • Hysteria, typically marked with constant, uninterrupted laughter
  • Sporadic expulsion of the stuffing-like material from various orifices (usually the mouth and eyes, though expulsion through other means has been documented)
  • Severe bloating and weight gain
  • Chronic, debilitating pain (notably, victims will refuse morphine or any other methods by which this pain could be lessened)

Eventually, the subject will become bloated to the point that they [REDACTED] violently, expelling blood, internal organs, and significant quantities of stuffing before expiring. SCP-3705 will continuously pursue a victim until this occurs, but will not exhibit any further hostile action until it identifies a new victim. SCP-3705 also appears to possess limited control over the victim's lifespan once they have been embedded with the stuffing material and will accelerate the development of symptoms if it feels pressured or threatened. Currently, there are no means by which the Foundation has been able to control or reverse these symptoms; research is ongoing.

Addendum I: Document JJ-88

The following is an excerpt from the ████ Times newspaper regarding SCP-3705, published prior to containment.

█████ Park Shut Down Amid String of Murders

Tuesday, August 12, 2004

Police are reporting that the █████ Amusement Park has been indefinitely shut down following the discovery of five previously missing children inside of the mascot storage closet on Friday. Though locals had long discussed the existence of a "Mascot Killer" in the area, it is believed this incident was the first conclusive indication of the suspect's existence to police, a public relations officer stated. The victims, all below the age of 16, were found dead in the mascot storage closet with signs of severe trauma, lacerations, ruptured stomachs, and the presence of stuffing inside of their digestive tracts. No witnesses were present at the time, and security footage captured from within the building does not appear to show the suspect or the victims. Sergeant Carl West, one of the first officers to arrive at the scene, gave a public statement early this morning:

"This is truly a tragic and grotesque scene, and the community will need time to heal." West said. "We ask that everyone give the families time to grieve and provide any information they may have to the police. Apprehending this individual is currently our top priority. We will share new information with you as it becomes available."

Michael O'Connor, the owner of the park, could not be reached for a comment.

Addendum II: Interview MU-01

The following is an interview with Jacob deSanta, a former guest at █████ Amusement Park. deSanta was roughly 14 at the time he visited the park. Due to Foundation policy, deSanta was falsely informed that Dr. Mitchell was an FBI agent.

<BEGIN LOG, SKIP TO 00:02:15>

Dr. Mitchell: You were telling me you and your friends had always felt uneasy at the park. Could you elaborate on that?

deSanta: I mean, every park has urban legends and ghost stories. People had always talked about being "creeped" when going there late at night, but nobody really thought anything of it. My friends and I, not being that smart, decided to find out for ourselves. We got past the security gate, and then the whole place was open to us.

Dr. Mitchell: According to the report you gave the FBI, you illegally entered several rides.

deSanta: Yes, uh…yeah, that's correct. We went on a few coasters and checked out bumper cars. That sort of stuff. It's not often you get to ride things without waiting in line, so being kids, we took the opportunity. About 45 minutes into the whole thing, we started hearing something.

Dr. Mitchell: The laughter you described previously?

deSanta: Yeah. Sounded like a kid, maybe 9 or 10. It was 2:00 AM, so needless to say, we were pretty fucking sketched out. Harry was the daredevil of the group and he made us follow the noise over to the mascot storage area, just to see what was up.

Dr. Mitchell: Go on.

deSanta: We reached the mascot building, but it was locked from the inside. I guess Harry saw a cracked window or something, because next thing we knew, he was inside and had unlocked the door. We all entered and looked around for a bit. It was…pretty barren. Looked like whoever worked there had either left in a hurry or cleaned up really well before the park closed. There was stuffing all over the fucking place, but you know - it's a mascot closet, we really didn't think much of it.

deSanta pauses.

deSanta: The laughter started getting louder, but it wasn't just that. It got more intense - manic, kinda. As we had checked everything else, the only place remaining was the mascot closet itself - which, of course, was locked. I guess Harry tried to justify it by saying the kid could be lost, or could have been forgotten by his parents. That worked for us. He called us over to help him and broke down the door. James screamed first. Then Carl. Then Harry. Then me. I saw maybe a second of it and ran faster than I had ever ran in my life towards the park's exit.

Dr. Mitchell: Could you describe what you saw?

deSanta: It was just sitting in a corner. It was spasming - seizing up, sort of. But it was still laughing. Not once during the whole fucking thing did it stop laughing. I only saw a second or so of it, like I said, but it started to rise to its feet, twitching the whole time. Whoever was inside of that costume has a sick fucking mind, I'm telling you that now. It just looked at Harry for a while and started walking towards him. Harry sprinted out of there, but we lost him. The rest of us ended up at the exit and waited for him - it took maybe 20 or 30 minutes before we realized he wasn't going to come.

Dr. Mitchell: Do you know what happened to him?

deSanta: Only what the news said the next morning. Cops found him hanging from the tracks of a roller coaster with his stomach by his fucking entrails, gutted like a fish. There was stuffing everywhere - his throat, his intestines, everywhere. It looked like so much of it had been put inside of him that he…

Dr. Mitchell: Do you need a moment?

deSanta: No, I'm alright. It, uh. It looked like he had exploded. Like a balloon.

Dr. Mitchell: Do you think -

deSanta: Look, Harry wasn't slow and he certainly wouldn't have gone down without a fight. Kid was jacked. I don't know exactly what happened, but whoever that was knew what they were doing. To do that to somebody and leave them like that…I just don't understand it. We left him - I left him. His parents didn't want anything to do with me after I met them. I just don't understand any of it.

Dr. Mitchell: Alright. Thank you, Mr. deSanta. You're dismissed.

Addendum III: Incident Report OL-25

NAME: Williamson, Sarah E.

OCCUPATION: Level 2 Researcher

STATUS: Deceased

CAUSE OF DEATH: Ruptured stomach

NOTES: Researcher Williamson was found deceased in her office 22 Jan 2014, approximately nine days after reassignment to SCP-3705. As typical with victims of SCP-3705, her stomach was ruptured and lined with stuffing. Prior to death, Williamson had been documented as being in the late stages of pregnancy, with an expected due date roughly two days after her death. The recovery team noted that no signs of the child were found, though there was limited evidence suggesting it was forcibly removed from her prior to her termination. A security sweep of Site-251 failed to locate the child, nor was it found in SCP-3705's containment chamber. Further analysis of security footage and SCP-3705's behavior is ongoing.

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