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Hand carved box containing SCP-361.

Item #: SCP-361-ARC

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-361-ARC is to be kept in its original container when not in use. The container is to be kept at Site-19, under the purview of Dr. Bright. Use of 361-ARC requires approval of Dr. Bright and Dr. Glass. No one is allowed to use SCP-361-ARC unsupervised.

Description: SCP-361-ARC appears to be a set of Rider-Waite tarot cards, approximately 100 years old. Anyone rifling through the deck without attempting to use it for a 'reading' will find the cards to be unspectacular, old and faded. When counted normally, the deck is missing three cards, The Ace of Staves, Death, and Page of Swords.

When SCP-361-ARC is used to conduct a 'reading,' the cards adjust themselves to fit the subject. The picture on the first card laid down, used to represent the subject, will always look exactly like the subject, no matter the actual card. Other cards will have pictures that represent other people and objects in the subjects life, and future. The three missing cards show up in these patterns with the same regularity as any other card.

In addition to the change in appearance, any 'reading' done with 361-ARC is exceedingly accurate, for as much as such things can be measured. It is unknown at this time whether 361-ARC facilitates such events, or is merely foretelling them.

The Page of Swords was destroyed during research.

Addendum: Since coming into our possession, several personnel and SCPs have shown up repeatedly as the same cards. Please see document 361-A-ARC.

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