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The tunnel leading to SCP-3593. Note the infrastructural elements left behind by the ORIA, indicating their sudden departure.

Item #: SCP-3593

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: (Valid as of 18/12/2017) Research Base 89 has been established within the Koh-e Sulayman to monitor and research SCP-3593. A dedicated team, fluent in Azeri and Persian, is to monitor SCP-3593 at all times. It is vital that SCP-3593-2 remains dormant, and SCP-3593-1's behaviour must be altered to that end.

Research on how to penetrate SCP-3593 or communicate with SCP-3593-2 is ongoing. Diplomatic overtures towards the ORIA for cooperation on SCP-3593's containment are ongoing.

Description: SCP-3593 is a cave, roughly 58m3 in size, in the Koh-e Sulayman range in Qandahar Province, Afghanistan. An impenetrable layer of earth approximately 3m deep1 surrounds SCP-3593, with the exception of a small entryway, where an invisible barrier blocks all entry into SCP-3593. This entryway is located at the end of a tunnel approximately 6km2 into the mountainside.

Within SCP-3593 are two humanoid figures, hereafter referred to as SCP-3593-1 and SCP-3593-2. SCP-3593-1 is an emaciated figure who has been crucified onto a diagonal wooden cross. This cross is placed directly behind the entryway to the cave, close enough to allow communication from the outside. SCP-3593-1 almost continually speaks in an incomprehensible glossolalia. It only occasionally speaks in a comprehensible language, ordinarily an antiquated form of Azeri but occasionally also in Persian. On these occasions, SCP-3593-1 demonstrates a greater level of sapience and awareness of its surroundings and people standing outside SCP-3593, occasionally responding or reacting to Foundation questioning.

SCP-3593-1 is naked except for a cloth around its waist, and lacks all bodily hair except a long moustache. SCP-3593-1's legible speech almost always seems to consist of praise of the early modern Nuqtavi sect3, both in terms of their theology and their social role. SCP-3593-1 has only been known to deviate from such praise on one occasion (Incident 3593-1), the details of which can be found below.

SCP-3593-2's appearance is difficult to ascertain due to the vantage point of external observers. Ordinarily, it is seated on a rock approximately 4.6m behind SCP-3593-1, with its face pointed downwards. It is dressed in a black robe, and holds a large, curved knife across its knees. SCP-3593-2 has never been observed to move or vocalise by Foundation researchers, except during Incident 3593-1.

SCP-3593 was discovered on 18/10/2011, when the Foundation was notified to its presence by a message from the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA). The message consisted solely of a set of co-ordinates and a request for the Foundation to "solve the problem at hand." This was a particularly noteworthy incident due to the usual lack of direct communication from the ORIA and their conventional hostility towards Foundation interference in the region. To date, the Foundation has been unable to extract any other information about the anomaly from the ORIA. Only one defector has expressed knowledge of the anomaly4, and has refused to give the Foundation any information.

Below is a series of fragments of the speeches of SCP-3593-1 and the conversations between it and Foundation personnel. These have been translated from the original Persian and Azeri.

Addendum 1: On 19/01/2017, SCP-3593-1's manner of speech took on an unusual level of legibility, concurrent with a dramatic change in the topic. The results of this can be seen in the transcript below.

Addendum 2: On 16/12/2017, the ORIA defector Dr. Isma'il Khorasani was found dead in his quarters, having hung himself with a length of rope. There was no suicide note, but a fragment of an ORIA memorandum was found on his desk. A transcript of the memorandum is as follows:

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