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Item #: SCP-3591

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3591 is currently housed at Site-27, the nearest containment facility to Location of Interest LOI27-03 where it was recovered. SCP-3591 should be kept at special containment unit SCU27/3591 and requests to relocate it are to be sent to Site-27 administration for review. Database update regarding Site-27's layout is ongoing and security/maintenance personnel formerly assigned to underground aircraft hangar UAH27/B, re-purposed into SCU27/3591, is to be directed towards UAH/C.

Research on SCP-3591 is underway as of ██/██/2022. Project SHARD is currently overseen by Senior Researcher Hanh Cezar and all inquires regarding it should be sent to Site-27 administration. Contact with SCP-3591 and/or access to SCU27/3591 is restricted to personnel with appropriate clearance - furthermore, use of PPE in accordance to Document 3591/P is mandatory for all personnel entering SCU27/3591, regardless of security clearance.

Under no circumstance should Scranton Reality Anchors and/or Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sinks be deployed in vicinity of SCP-3591. Anomalies requiring the use of such devices may not be contained at Site-27.

Description: SCP-3591 is a monocrystalline solid of approximate cylindrical shape, possessing height of 9.56 m and base radius of 3.75 m. SCP-3591 is composed entirely of a previously unknown chemical element, henceforth referred to as E3591-A. Alpha and beta radiation is abundantly present in the vicinity of SCP-3591 at all times - however, since E3591-A does not appear to actually decay, it is currently uncertain whether or not the object can be attributed as the source of atomic particles surrounding it.

Based on previous incidents, it is currently theorized that SCP-3591 reacts violently to several major counter-measures employed during certain Foundation protocols concerning the containment of reality bending anomalies. The main thesis regarding the subject has been penned by Senior Researcher Hanh Cezar following Incident 3591-A, when the accidental contact between SCP-3591 and a SRA in transit to Site-29 resulted in substantial loss of Foundation assets. Surviving personnel effected by Incident-3591-A may request amnestic treatment following psychological evaluation.

Project SHARD was established shortly following Incident 3591-A, aiming to prevent further losses associated to SCP-3591.

LOI27-03: SCP-3591 was recovered at LOI27-03. Located at the Tanami Desert, LOI27-03 resembles an abandoned Foundation facility, although no records documenting the existence of such compound could be found as of yet. Members of Project SHARD have theorized that the facility might have been anomalously displaced or that the containment of anomalies held at LOI27-03 might have required its expungement from mainstream databases but no concrete evidence supporting those claims has been uncovered at this time.

All access to LOI27-03 is currently restricted to Foundation personnel assigned to Project SHARD, that should be accompanied by an appropriate security detail, according to the Project's Overseer's discretion.

LOI27-03/A: On ██/██/2004, during the fourth scheduled exploration of LOI27-03, Junior Researcher Margaret Baker managed to gain access to a previously unknown observation module located at underground level B3, henceforth referred to as LOI27-03/A. No documentation found at LOI27-03 so far alludes to the existence of such module, suggesting that it might have been clandestine in nature.

All access to LOI27-03/A is restricted to personnel assigned direct clearance from Project SHARD Overseer. Elements from the security detail accompanying research teams during explorations of LOI27-03 should be dispatched to the module's entrance upon arrival to prevent unauthorized access.

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