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Note: By order of Dr. Frederick Hoygull, the clearance level required to access this file has been lowered from 3/3570 clearance to 1/GENERAL clearance, due to its relevance to the ongoing BE-Class "Migration" Scenario.




The Moon during EE-3570.

Preceding Events: Extranormal Event 3570 (EE-3570) was preceded by the following phenomena:

Date Occurrence
May 10, 2018 The Earth's latent Akiva radiation1 level decreases, becoming uniform with the universe's background constant of ~0.7 milliakiva (mÁ). The Earth's ambient hume level experiences only a minute decrease despite the expected repercussions. As well, one or more Class-IX Entities become undetectable and are considered lost.
May 11 A dense Avian meme complex — "EoI-121" — disperses throughout the Noosphere2 via SCP-3662. This is thought to be the result of extra-universal interference3. The sum of human thought diminishes to align solely with the Avian meme4 within three months. Humans affected by the Avian meme complex are designated Type-BE Humanoid Entities.
June 5 Various correspondences between the Serpent's Hand and the Avian Division occur. Through this, and a series of messages from Project Milliard, the Avian Division determined that a Class-VIII Ontokinetic Entity was responsible for influencing the Noosphere.
June 24 60% of Type-BE entities in North America begin a mass exile to the Midwestern United States. The assembled entities erect a large ibis-shaped monument despite a lack of fine motor skills or higher intellect. The monument absorbs thaumic energies5 during construction. The Avian Division detects similar thaumaturgic disturbances across the globe, suggesting the construction of other monuments.
August 2 99.9% of the human populace is afflicted with the Avian meme. Between 5 to 10% of the global population expires from starvation following the loss of the worldwide agricultural industry. A small percentage of Type-BE entities (10–15% of the total population) engage in regular sarcophagy upon the greater 85% for sustenance.
August 8 Lunar Area-32 detects thaumaturgic disturbances across the surface of the Moon.
August 9 The North American monument radiates a bright blue. It is surmised that the other monuments experience a similar change.

EE-3570 began shortly thereafter.

Event Designation: EE-3570

Date of Occurrence: August 9, 2018

Location: Global

Event Description: At 11:10 AM PST, the Moon began to emit an intense blue light associated with high thaumaturgic emissions, becoming visible to the naked eye, despite being only marginally visible at the end of its third quarter. At its initial zenith, approximately 1.1 billion Type-BE entities were exposed to the Moon's light across the easternmost part of Russia, North and South America, and parts of Northwestern Europe.

Exposed entities underwent extensive musculoskeletal transformations and grew wing-like anatomical structures from their backs. Entities experienced a mass enhancement of the deltoid muscles; the dorsal portions of the trapezius and scapula expanded to take on a broader and more defined morphology, from which a new set of forelimbs emerged laterally, parallel to the existing arms. The forelimbs extended outward to a length of approximately 3 meters on each side of the body according to baseline adult physiology. Different body types and sizes developed proportional anatomical formations.

The forelimbs developed long bone-based digits within a thick and supple membrane, which became the basis for a network of new blood vessels. The forelimbs developed feathers consistent in appearance and function to those of common seabirds as well as retractable talons at the extremities. Type-BE entities displayed varying levels of discomfort during this process, which required between 2–5 hours to complete. After the transformation, the newly developed wings allowed for various types of short- and long-range flight.

During the Moon's transit, locations across the globe became exposed to its light and thaumaturgic emissions. All exposed Type-BE entities developed the same winged transformations. Newly winged Type-BE entities emitted increased Elan-Vital Energies (EVEs), became capable of flight speeds more than 40 km/h and, in most cases, displayed predatory behaviour.

At 2:45 PM PST Armed Research Site-18, the Avian Division's base of operations, received the following transmission from Lunar Area-32.

The newly transformed Type-BE entities have been observed to fly in flocks with upwards of 500 individuals. Hunting occurs on both an individual and group basis, with moderate territorial aggression occurring between rivalling flocks. Entities are capable of unhinging their jaws while consuming prey, enlarging the oral cavity to approximately 3 times its initial size. Skin and tissue stretch with ease, while chewing remains unencumbered.

The extent of the behaviour these entities display has not been adequately documented due to their relative aggression towards other species of birds (including Avian Division personnel) and insufficient observation time.

August 10


Roughly 24 hours have elapsed since the start of the Moon's thaumaturgic emissions, and approximately 90% of all Type-BE entities have been affected. The Earth's thermosphere experiences an iridescent atmospheric phenomenon, similar to aurorae, generated by excess thaumaturgic emissions. Affected Type-BE entities surrounding the constructed monuments have begun off-world transit via spontaneously occurring thaumaturgically-generated portals produced by the monuments. Transit occurs on an individual basis, while the portals have begun to spread outward based on a geometric expansion model.

The Avian Division projects that all Type-BE entities will leave the Earth within one week's time. Research into the emergence and destination of these portals is ongoing. The portals have been determined to lead to exoplanet URA-8047 (see Supplemental Materials for more information).

Follow-up Actions Taken: The following is an excerpt of Marine Fighting Team CHARYBDIS's initial response to EE-3570.

The captured instance, designated EE-3570-A, is contained within the Anomalous Humanoids Wing of Site-18 and is undergoing study.

36 hours after the start of the Event, the following was appended to Document EE-3570:

The remainder of the Foundation, which includes 75 Avian Division personnel, Marine Fighting Team CHARYBDIS, and SCP-2785, is stationed at Site-18. Operation: DIVINE RUSE is being developed at this time.

Supplemental Materials: The following is a surviving excerpt taken from a preserved papyrus reed manuscript, circa 1900 BCE. The account was written using Egyptian hieratic script and was contained in Reliquary Site-62.

The account's subject matter describes phenomena surrounding URA-8047 SCP-3632 and EE-3570. The Avian Division has begun to draft methods of reaching SCP-3632.

August 11


This document has been marked for immediate release via all available communication channels. See attached note for details.

Note: By order of Dr. Frederick Hoygull, the clearance level required to access this file has been lowered from




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