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Item #: SCP-3565

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3565 is to be kept in a standard 5 by 5 by 5 holding cell. SCP-3565’s cell must be guarded by no fewer than one personnel specializing in non-lethal takedown of heavily armored targets

Description: SCP-3565 is a knight from the first crusade, which lasted from 1096-1099. It wears standard German crusader armor originating from the time period stated above. The armor seems to be impervious to any kind of damage, weather it be natural rust or direct assault. It seems to not be physically possible to remove the armor, either.

SCP-3565 came into foundation possession when, in [REDACTED], jersalem police apprehended a civilian wearing German armor under suspicion of having stolen said armor from a local museum. When it was discovered that no artifacts were missing, and the knight was both indestructible and fluent in old German, the foundation was contacted. Agent [REDACTED] was sent to retrieve SCP-3565, and all persons involved were given a class-c amnestic.

SCP-3565 posseses the ability to speak, although exclusively in German. It’s topic of choice during conversation is war stories of its prowess and bravery during the crusades.

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