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Item #: SCP-3522

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-98 has been constructed to contain SCP-3522. The chamber housing SCP-3522 is to be installed with heating elements which are to be activated during a Tahoe Event. A drainage system within the chamber is to collect all the substance produced from SCP-3522 in a Tahoe Event and be disposed of via the on-site incinerator. The substance produced by a Tahoe Event are to never make contact with snow or cadavers. In the event of a breach, incendiary countermeasures are to be deployed.

Personnel are to avoid viewing SCP-3522 and pre-installed laser detectors in the chamber are to be used to monitor SCP-3522's presence. Those exposed to SCP-3522 effects may be terminated.

UPDATE 12/6/05: Mobile Task Force Epsilon-9 ("Fire Breathers") are to respond to outbreaks of SCP-3522-1 and be accompanied by members of Mobile Task Force Eta-10 ("See No Evil"), whom are to apprehend SCP-3522. The remaining substances from the Tahoe Event are to be disposed of appropriately by Epsilon-9, and SCP-3522 is to be then transported to Site-16.

Description: SCP-3522 is a humanoid pile of snow that is 0.914 meters tall with carved out eyes and a mouth, which are both covered in a layer of coal dust. It is physically unaffected by warm temperatures and therefore does not melt. The item is stationary at █████, Greenland, and is mostly inanimate. Due to the items immobile nature, Provisional Site-98 was constructed (See Addendum 02).

Viewing of SCP-3522's "eyes" is a Level 5 cognitohazard. After approximately four minutes of exposure, the perception of test subjects of their environment will be altered. Subjects report feeling cold despite body temperature being normal in a climate controlled environment. Then, the subject will report seeing snow covering their surroundings and personnel as entities composed entirely of ice. After approximately ten minutes of viewing the subject will no longer be able to communicate with others. This is followed up by the subject entering into a coma for several weeks though it is common for subjects to immediately enter this stage after viewing SCP-3522. During this period, the subject's body will slowly be covered in ice despite the surrounding temperature.

Most subjects do not reawaken and expire due to hypothermia. Subjects that do reawaken reacquire their ability to communicate with others and provide detail accounts of a dream that have been somewhat consistent thus far. The dream is described to be parallel to reality and a snow storm is always present. Subjects after this state begin to mentally degrade and remain "cold" until death. Accounts can be found in Addendum 01.

SCP-3522 undergoes a Tahoe Event during the winter. A Tahoe Event refers to when SCP-3522 begins to secrete an unknown red substance from its "eyes" and "mouth". Though exposure to heat causes it to cease production. When the substance makes contact with snow or cadavers, it will become an SCP-3522-1 instance. The snow that makes contact with the substance will begin to morph into a humanoid shape and adopt a red hue. Cadavers that make contact with the substance leads to rapid growth of ice within the cadaver. The cadaver will reanimate and undergo changes such as fingers and teeth being replaced by spikes of ice. In some cases, the forearm(s) crystallize into a sharp spike. Autopsy have shown the frontal lobe of the brain to be preserved and covered in red ice as the rest of the brain is crystallized.

SCP-3522-1 instance are generally not aggressive unless provoked. Instances travel in groups to the direction of SCP-3522 and remain huddled around it. Subjects remain idle around SCP-3522 until the presence of a human within their vicinity. Instances would begin to approach the subject and force them to be exposed to SCP-3522's cognitohazardous effects through physical restraint. Once exposed to the effects, SCP-3522-1 instances will release the subject and return to their idle state until further contact with humans. SCP-3522-1 instances can be terminated sufficiently via incendiary means.

SCP-3522-1 instances have been known to occasionally produce speech. An attempt to communicate with an instance is pending approval. An attempt at communication has been approved, see Addendum 03.

Discovery: Initial contact with SCP-3522 occurred after the apparent suicide of two mountain climbers after being released from medical care for suddenly collapsing into a coma. The first climber, Mr. Harrison M. ██████, lit his home on fire as his family were away visiting relatives and were unaware of his return. A note was left in the mailbox. The second climber, Mr. Wilbert ██████, threw himself into an industrial incinerator at his place of work and left a note in his office. Due to the odd nature of their deaths, embedded agents in the police investigated the location mentioned in the notes which lead to SCP-3522 along with several -1 instances.

Addendum 01: The following are documented accounts of individual experiences within the dream.

Addendum 02: On ██/██/██, SCP-3522 breached containment at Provisional Site-98. Contact with Provisional Site-98 was lost and SCP-3522 reportedly was roaming through ██████, Canada. Provisional Site-98 was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Since this event, SCP-3522 at winter will manifest at areas heavily covered in snow through out North America, and more frequently undergo a Tahoe Event and wander. Updates have been made to the procedures in response to this new behavior.


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