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Item # SCP-3518
Object Class: Euclid, (formerly safe)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3518 is to have Class 4 Socialization Privileges all-be-it monitored with an gps chip ad camera placed in his left temple. Given to recent discoveries (See Note) , SCP-3518 is to be kept under close monitoring in cell 17 at Cite 42. Due to SCP-3518’s compliance with research, monitoring has been laxed and it is expected that SCP-3518-1 will have his privileges returned. Due to SCP-3518’s immense ear pains, specialized painkillers and Bubble Yum Bubble Gum of any requested flavor are to be routinely granted to SCP-3518 for daily use. Misuse of painkillers is to be reported to Doctor ████. Said pills can be withdrawn from him when not in compliance with staff for an extended number of time until otherwise. At no point should any object be directed or penetrate SCP-3518’s left ear unless granted by a Level 4 research officer.

Description: SCP-3518 is 56 year old Caucasian male named ████ ████ with no distinct features other than a grotesquely swollen and pigmented, left ear. SCP-3518 appeared in ████ ████ in on board flight ████ en route to ████ from ████, after a trip to Disney World. This left ear has the unique property of intaking any probing object entering or in a 5 mm distance from the ear hole. It is sucked in at a velocity recorded at - per second. When in the process of “consuming” material, the ear hole will modify itself to take in the object with little or no pain or harm to SCP-3518. Once doing so it will return to normal shape. After enters the ear passage it does not appear in any other part of the body. Trackers of any sort have been unable to respond upon entering the ear passage. In only a matter of minutes, whatever object or objects that have entered SCP-3518’s ear passage will be shot out at ████ miles per second.

It was in the descension on flight when “this immeasurable pain grew in my ears”. Note that distressing ear pains in-flight are a normal response to air pressure. Upon landing, the right ear adapted naturally to the ground level attitude while the left increasingly grewin pain intensity. It was upon being rushed to the hospital and having an ear octoscope inserted into his left ear when, it was sucked into SCP-3518 ear passage and then shortly there after, violently ejected out, killing Dr ████. SCP-3518 was charged with murder before being taken into Foundation custody. All witnesses to these two prior events were given Class A Amnestics.

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