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Cain Braumer prior to his death

Item #: SCP-3482

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3482 is unable to be moved from it’s current position, the building around SCP-3482 has been acquired by the Foundation under the guise of building a storage facility. There are to be no fewer than 2 guards surveying the premises of SCP-3482’s containment area to keep out civilians. Any civilians who enter the premises of SCP-3482’s containment area are to be given Class-A amnestics and released. Subject is to undergo counseling for PTSD and depression every 3-4 days.

SCP-3482 has requested the following:

  • A computer with internet access and voice recognition technology (Denied)
  • To contact former friends and family (Denied)
  • A wall mounted television (Approved, contingent on good behavior)
  • Framed photos of family members (Approved)
  • A pet cat to interact with (Denied)
  • To have family informed of its current condition (Denied)

Description: SCP-3482 is an immobile, floating entity resembling the former Cain Braumer, a 22 year old Caucasian male approximately 1.78 meters tall with black hair. On 04/23/2017, Cain Braumer died of an undiagnosed heart condition in the Grantford Memorial Mall in Boston, Massachusetts. SCP-3482 was formed approximately 10 meters above where Cain Braumer, appearing exactly as Cain Braumer had before his death. SCP-3482 is unable to move from this floating position, describing it as being centered around its torso. No known way has been found to be able to move SCP-3482, partially to its secondary anomalous effect.

All matter that makes contact with SCP-3482 passes through SCP-3482, causing the object to become covered in a thin layer of blue frost. Chemical analysis of this frost has shown it to only be ice. Other than the blue tint, the frost is non anomalous. Living beings who pass through SCP-3482 develop mild hypothermia within 5 seconds of submersion into SCP-3482. Despite this, SCP-3482 claims to not feel any temperature, from itself or otherwise. In addition, SCP-3482 hasn’t expressed the need for basic human needs such as water, food, or oxygen. SCP-3482 is currently suffering from PTSD due to having to cope with the shock of dying as well as mild depression due to the inability to contact its former family.

Addendum 2:

He doesn’t seem like much of a threat. He’s stuck in place and seems to not have the will to try and move. Requesting declassification to Safe - Dr. Bayl

Request denied. Although SCP-3482 may be in place for now, it is unknown whether it will remain that way. If SCP-3482 was to regain mobility, it would be completely uncontainable by the Foundation’s means. Euclid is for uncertainty of containment, not necessarily for the safety of others. - 05-3

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