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Item Number: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Anomalies thought to be caused by the effects of SCP-3XXX are to be stored at Outpost-22 and recorded in the Foundation-wide Anomalous Objects catalog. Regional Command will review each object for SCP status on a quarterly basis. Outpost-22 is established as the primary containment facility for SCP-3XXX. The facility will have 50 D-class personnel, 10 researchers, and 10 agents. SCP-3XXX is to be contained at the center of a grid of 4 Scranton Reality Anchors, each spaced 5 meters from the item. Each SRA is to stabilize the surrounding area at 40 Humes; this counterbalances SCP-3XXX's effects and stabilizes local reality at the normal level of 1 Hume. All minor anomalous objects manifested by the affected field are to be catalogued at Outpost-22 and forwarded to Northeast US Regional Command- standard procedure is to terminate, incinerate, and safely dispose of all anomalies not specifically requested by Regional Command.

Description: SCP-3XXX is an oblong object with a tapered tip- the object resembles a missile, but thorough inspection reveals no propulsion structure. The object was found embedded in soil, having dropped from approximately 10 kilometers above the planet. Records of radar scans show no projectile launches towards the area, nor do they show any aircraft that could have dropped the object.
Its outer casing consists of a thin layer (5 mm) of tungsten plating. Damage to the casing reveals an inner layer of protective casing, primarily composed of beryllium bronze. The item has 12 ports spaced evenly in 3 rings along the missile, covered with a thin grate of tungsten fibers. Radiograph scans reveal no explosives or other weaponry inside the casing.

UPDATED 11/24/2015

SCP-3XXX has been shown to consistently drain the local Hume field (roughly a 4-kilometer radius) to an unknown location. This effect is more pronounced closer to the object- the immediately surrounding area has decreased to a reading of 0.461 Humes, while the outer edges of the affected area read 0.89 Humes on average. Roughly ███ anomalous objects have been produced, including ██ living and potentially sentient entities.

UPDATED 1/4/2016

SCP-3XXX tests positive for extra-universal matter. Left completely unattended, the missile lowers the Kant reading of the immediately surrounding area by roughly 0.015 Humes per day- Scranton Reality Anchors have stabilized the area's Kant reading for the time being. Complete scans of the interior of SCP-3XXX reveal digital technology that, while non-anomalous, is roughly 10 years away from being developed by the Foundation.

UPDATED 4/17/2016

A miniature data storage unit was found inside the casing of SCP-3XXX. It was extracted and scanned on the orders of Outpost Director Matthews. Its contents [DATA EXPUNGED BY REQUEST OF O5-9].

Addendum 1: 4/18/2016
After reviewing the contents of the data storage unit in SCP-3XXX, Outpost Director Matthews destroyed the data storage unit and attempted to disassemble SCP-3XXX. Only one document was recovered.

Addendum 2: 4/22/2016
It was troubling, to say the least, that an Outpost Director attempted to terminate an SCP object without consulting higher Foundation authorities. It is the Foundation’s duty to secure, contain, and protect- to neutralize an anomaly without cause is a flagrant violation. Despite our best efforts, there will always be people driven by fear, even at the higher levels of the Foundation. It should be clear that Director Matthews was not motivated by the maintenance costs of the Reality Anchors, as he repeatedly insisted when questioned. The information he found in SCP-3452 showed him the most marginal chance of putting his own life in danger, and he panicked.

I should take this moment to make a note about the Reality Anchors. In 1994, Robert Scranton figured out how to set our reality straight, and we jumped at the chance. Expensive materials and a drain on power are a small price to pay. Dr. Scranton figured out how to reach into another universe, take the fabric of their reality, and use it to stabilize our own. It’s not a panacea for anomalous events, but it gives the Foundation hope for the future.

This remarkable invention is not without a cost. Every Scranton Reality Anchor is tuned to a certain dimensional frequency at random, draining its Hume field until it becomes unusable. In 2002, the anchors were tuned to 1.445- the contents of SCP-3452 are enough to demonstrate the impact our technology has. I see no reason to disclose how many universes we have used in the past 24 years, nor how many had sapient life. It is the unanimous decision of the O5 council to take this risk. We will absolutely prioritize this Earth over any other.


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