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SCP-3431-1A, prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-3431

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of yet, SCP-3431 is uncontained. Due to the uncertainty of its nature, along with the fact that the classification of SCP-3431-1 instances is often retroactive, direct containment may not be possible.

In an attempt to further understand and possibly contain SCP-3431, the Foundation has adopted ████ dogs and distributed them amongst various staff members. These staff are encouraged to train their dogs to become well-mannered, though this is not required. Staff members, when leaving the home, must leave the dog outside of a cage and allow them free roam of the home. Cameras and audio recording equipment are to be placed in each room - abnormal behavior captured by the equipment is to be reported to the Research Team for further analysis.

MTF agents embedded in veterinary hospitals and Animal Control centers are to investigate any vicious dog cases. If the dog is suspected to be an instance of SCP-3431-1, they should attempt to retrieve and contain the animal, by any means necessary, before it is euthanized. If this proves to be impossible, retrieval of the corpse is the next priority. In this case, no less than two agents must accompany the corpse until it is contained, with one agent maintaining a constant line of sight with the body.

Currently, the Foundation is in possession of 32 dogs believed to have been affected by SCP-3431. All captured SCP-3431-1 instances must be contained within a 2m x 1m x 3m kennel, and are to be provided food and fresh water twice daily. With the written permission of the Head of Research - currently, Dr. Eric Swanston - SCP-3431-1 instances believed to be in stage three of anomalous development are to be euthanized and examined for further insight into stage four of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-3431 is an entity or event which targets members of the canis lupus familiarus family that have been adopted as traditional pets. The anomaly seems to affect any breed, age, and size of dog - regardless of any previous training. Feral dogs, or dogs that are as of yet unadopted, do not seem to be affected.

In later stages of the anomaly, the object or event also seems to induce a memetic effect in the owner of the dog. In a "family" situation, or one which there are multiple persons in the household, the owner appears to be defined as whoever was present at the time of adoption, or whomever the dog considers to be the "alpha" of the home.

The anomaly will occur over several days, possibly weeks, and will develop over four stages:

Upon completion of stage four, surviving owners seem to lose any memory of having owned their respective instance of SCP-3431-1. When confronted with indisputable proof of their pet - either through presentation of pet paraphernalia or recorded evidence - previous owners will either claim that it was, in fact, a "friend's dog", or - if they do acknowledge previous ownership - will display a complete lack of interest or sympathy.

The current method with which SCP-3431 chooses its targets is currently unknown, and appears to be random.

Addendum 3431.1: Previous Owner Interview 8/10/2013

Addendum 3431.2: Previous Owner Interview 02/14/2014

Addendum 3431.3: Previous Owner Interview 10/12/2014

Addendum 3431.4: Incident Report

On 10/14/2014, Eva ██████ was successfully administered several dosages of Class-C amnestics. Despite this, upon her return to ███ ████████ Behavioral Center, Ms. ██████ continued to report multiple instances of night terrors.

On the morning of 12/16/2014, hospital staff discovered Eva ██████'s body on the floor of her dormitory. Her midsection had been, quote, "ripped apart", and both of her wrists were flayed in a similar manner. An investigation into her death followed - however, upon review of security footage, it was revealed that nobody entered or exited her bedroom the night of her death. This, combined with her past history of suicidal tendencies, lead to her death being ruled as a suicide - despite the strange circumstances surrounding the incident.

According to her patient records, in the months leading up to her death, Eva showed a sudden devout interest in the Christian faith, often attending group sessions focused on religion and spirituality.

Addendum 3431.5: Initial Containment of SCP-3431-1A

On 07/16/2017, staff member James ██████, who had been issued a dog by the Foundation three years prior, reported sudden behavioral changes in his dog. Upon review of the footage, researchers witnessed the dog dig 0.2 meters through a hardwood floor - this warranted classification as SCP-3431-1A, being the first successful instance garnered by the Foundation's adoption method of research and containment.

After successful containment of SCP-3431-1A, the Research Team performed a closer analysis of all available footage. Transcriptions of notable footage can be found below.

After review of the footage dated 07/10/17, SCP-3431 is believed to be an undetectable entity of indeterminate origin, size, and intent. The description has been changed to reflect this discovery.

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