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Item #: SCP-3428

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3428 is to have at least 10 armed guards at its entrance at all times. In the event of an extreme breach, a miniature nuke is to be detonated around the vicinity of SCP-3428, and amnestics given to any civilian around the blast zone via the water supply and/or free trail mix. 1 ton of fresh pork in any form, although uncooked and unseasoned is highly preferred, is to be given daily in increments of 3.

Description: SCP-3428 is an extremely large tunnel containing a family of eusocial mutants, hereby referred to in mass as Humites. Humites are hypercarnivorous, with 95% of their diet being made up of meat, with the other 5% being grasses and tubers. Humites seem to prefer human flesh over all other meats except pork, thought to be because of the similar taste between human meat and pork. Most Humites are quadrupedal except for SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2, which are the king and queen of the Humites respectively. All Humites are albino, but SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2 are to a lesser extent. Humites only vocalizations seem to be grunts, growls, snorts, hisses and roars, with human speech never being witnessed. Most Humites are passive or neutral in behavior with the big exception of SCP-3428-4. SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2 have also been known to be aggressive at times. Humites have 5 castes, SCP-3428-5, SCP-3428-4, SCP-3428-3, SCP-3428-2 and SCP-3428-1. SCP-3428-5 are the workers of the Humites.

SCP-3428-5 members are around 1.8 meters long and have long claws and strong hands and feet for digging and extending the tunnels. They also secrete a unknown substance out of their skin and mouth to help stop the tunnels they dig from collapsing. SCP-3428-5 members are also tasked with child care and waste removal. SCP-3428-5 are the most numerous caste of SCP-3428. SCP-3428-4 are the soldiers of the Humites and the second most numerous caste. SCP-3428-4 members are 2.74 meters long and have long and sharp claws, teeth and a 1.8 meter long tail with a stinger that is filled with a semi-potent venom used to take down enemies and prey. SCP-3428-4 members are one of the strongest caste, only being surpassed by SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2. They are tasked with defending SCP-3428-3, SCP-3428-2 and SCP-3428 in general. They are also the main suppliers of food in SCP-3428, finding and hunting appropriate prey for the colony.

SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2 are the Humites king and queen. They are the least populated caste, with only 2 ever in existence. SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2 are the most massive members of the Humites, both being around 9.14 meters in height, although SCP-3428-2 is the most massive of the 2. Unlike the other castes, SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2 are largely bipedal, although will move into a quadrupedal gate when running. SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2 are the most 'human' in shape, with them having no long claws or teeth or even a tail, albeit they do have sharp teeth and SCP-3428-2 is extremely bloated when impregnated. SCP-3428-3 only job is to impregnate SCP-3428-2, the Humites queen. Likewise, SCP-3428-2 only job is to be the reproducer in the colony, and can have up to 57 offsprings in a year. The 1 of only 3 times SCP-3428-3 and SCP-3428-2 were spotted was during a breach attempt on ██/██/2014

SCP-3428-1 are similar to SCP-3428-5 in size, and similar to SCP-3428-3 And SCP-3428-2 in appearance with the exception of size and the presence of bat-like wings. SCP-3428-1 are the caste next in line in
being king and queen and starting their own colony. SCP-3428-1 are capable of excellent powered flight with their wings and seem to had a unstoppable urge to fly far away from SCP-3428. This urge almost caused a containment breach on ██/██/2008. Before and after the nigh breach, no members of SCP-3428-1 where spotted. Since they where not mated, they were and are still not considered members of SCP-3428-3 or SCP-3428-2.

SCP-3428 was discovered in Yosemite National Park on █/██/1999 after a extreme rash of mysterious disappearances and deaths. The Foundation was alerted to this and sent in 100 agents in disguises of tourists and park rangers. SCP-3428 is thought to have started somewhere in the early 1970s. The cause of the mutation is not fully known, but after DNA testing of dead Humites, it is though to be caused by some type of unknown illegally dumped mutagen. Further DNA testing have revealed blood ties to the Sawney Bean Clan, though this can not be proven 100% correct. After containment and deeper research into SCP-3428, the mutants as a whole where given the name "Humites", the reason being their caste system is similar to those of termites.

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