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One variation of SCP-3408's chemical structure. Note: compound proved to be impossible to replicate in Foundation laboratories.

Item #: SCP-3408

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the popularity of SCP-3408, it is currently considered uncontained in certain dense population centers of the world.

Foundation agents are to be inserted into the various trade markets of the substance, monitoring the use and distribution of non-anomalous derivatives and analogues that are being distributed through various channels and underground markets so as to mask the compound's anomalous properties.

Clandestine laboratories are to be expunged of all compounds bearing resemblance to the anomalous chemical structures seen via SCP-3408's gas chromatography and mass spectrometry testing. This is done to minimize population exposure to the effects of the compound and regulate any further synthesis of the substance.

Sensationalist media is to be distributed through average drug scare tactics, while other outlets are to be manipulated in order to mitigate further damage to major populace centers. This method of containment has proved successful in most cases, as the usual "War on Drugs" methods are currently useful in self-containing the compound itself.

As of ██/█/████, global trade markets have been shut down in approximately 85% of most laboratories. Despite this, there are assumed to be ██ facilities still producing SCP-3408 to this day.

Foundation interception of large-scale distribution is considered a top priority at this time.

Description: SCP-3408 is an off-white compound similar in appearance to flour. It is a hallucinogenic substance of Arylcyclohexylamine structure, with effects similar to others within the boundaries of the same designation. Therefore, it produces similar effects to those within the boarders of other NMDA Antagonists, specifically those of phencyclidine (PCP) and its derivatives.

Analysis of SCP-3408 samples has proven to be not useful, many of which have resulted in conflicting or inconclusive outcomes. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) procured during testing have effectively culminated in various erroneous information. These outcomes imply an inconsistent or variable chemical structure. It is unknown how synthesis of this compound is formed, and is likely anomalous in nature.

Since the time of its surfacing in human populaces, over ██% of the Earth's population have willingly consumed SCP-3408 for recreational purposes.

There have been several reports of the similar behaviors of SCP-3408's consumption found with Foundation personnel working with the substance. Any evidence supporting these claims should be immediately reported to upper management officials and followed by subsequent demotion of those found to have taken similar compounds following confirmation during routine random drug testing1.

At face value, SCP-3408 shares many similarities with others of its structure. These hallucinogenics, often referred to as dissociatives, produce feelings of disconnection from sensory receptors of the brain. This is due to non-anomalous reduction of electrical activity through the corpus collosum of most humans.

SCP-3408's synthesis can be dated back to the early twentieth century, although the specifics, including the origin of its discovery and applications, have been mostly obscured by various parties surrounding its inception. Despite this, Foundation individuals have been able to ascertain valuable information regarding its usage and anomalous properties, as well as insights into the nature of human consciousness itself.

SCP-3408 exhibits a large array of effects, some of which are common to substances of its kind. These effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Increase in energy, stimulation
  • Euphoria
  • Sense of calm and serenity
  • Enhanced sense of disconnection with the outside world
  • Distortion or loss of sensory perceptions
  • Closed and open-eye visual hallucinations
  • Analgesia, numbness
  • Ataxia (loss of motor coordination)
  • Significant change in perception of time (Dilation and constriction)
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Slurred speech
  • Confusion, disorientation
  • Shifts in perception of reality
  • "Hole" experiences2
  • Intense mind-body dissociation, out-of-body experiences
  • Delusional, psychosis-like delirium
  • Ambulatory psychotic behaviour
  • Paranoia
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Psychological dependency/addiction, compulsive redosing
  • Frightening or untimely distortion or loss of sensory perception
  • Discomfort, pain or numbness at administration site (including IM, IV, insufflation, buccal/sublingual and rectal absorption)

However, SCP-3408 exhibits henceforth unrecorded anomalous properties that deviate from those of its more explainable analogues. These effects are mostly known to manifest in trials using titration, as single doses often invoke non-anomalous effects.

Some of the aforementioned anomalous properties include highly violent behavior, cannibalism of brain tissue, and hemotaphagy (drinking of blood) of themselves or others with SCP-3408 still present in the bloodstream, so as to mimic the effects of titration and propagation of the effects of the compound (See Addendum-3408-1A, 1B).

Those who use SCP-3408 in accordance to these specifications will experience exceptionally similar results, the likes of which do not adhere to standard theories of cognitive neuropsychology. Victims of SCP-3408's adverse effects are often discovered comatose with exceptional bodily harm.

Debate over SCP-3408 testing and general consumption has proven to be highly polarizing, as anecdotal evidence supports theorized potential for large-scale LK-Class Personality Transmutation Events. As such, study and thaumaturgic use is currently halted, per O5 request.

Addendum 3408-1A:

As of ██/█/████, multiple cases have been reported of users experiencing massive shifts in personality. Mania, psychosis and violent behaviors seem to be most prevalent. Many users having experienced "Hole" effects followed by comatose-like symptoms have since initiated sudden re-awakening and highly sadistic/masochistic behavior. Affected individuals have shown marked increase of adrenaline and cortisol present in blood testing, as well as increased brain function.

Electroencephalography tests yielded unusual patterns of electrical activity in the brain, similar in effects to those who have undergone corpus collostomy procedures. Such procedures are often used in last-case scenarios of patients experiencing frequent, life-threatening epileptic episodes.

Split-brain Syndrome, a common side effect of most corpus collostomies, has been shown to exhibit symptoms in 100% of cases dealt this way. Subjects experiencing these effects, now referred to as SCP-3408-1, are to be interviewed and subsequently terminated following conclusion of said interactions.

When a subject appears to have acquired symptoms of Split-brain Syndrome, hemispheres of the brain take on unique attributes of their own. This results in separate impulses and perceptions for both halves of the subject's body.

Unlike usual cases of Split-Brain, both hemispheres of affected victims develop their own consciousness, one half of which may usually retain some personality traits of the original individual. The other half seems to be occupied by a unique consciousness, referred to as SCP-3408-2. These personalities are often highly erratic and violent by nature (See Interview Log 3408-1B).

Incident Report 3408-54:

Reports of SCP-3408 consumption in ██████, ██ led to an investigation of several known "drug dens" in the area. Upon discovery and termination of affected victims, subjects' autopsy revealed complete removal of one side of the brain (hemispherectomy).

In addition, several unidentified hemispheres were recovered from the place of residence, having been removed and carefully reconnected to one another in chains using an unknown but highly sophisticated procedure. Nerve endings in the brain stem were found to have been "rewired" to those of the others.

The reason for this is currently unknown.

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