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Item #: SCP-3389

Object Class: Euclid


Three instances of SCP-3389-1 near the shoreline of SCP-3389

Special Containment Procedures: All buildings, private, and public land in a 10 km radius around SCP-3389 have been purchased by the Foundation and designated Provisional Site-93. All roads and pedestrian pathways leading to SCP-3389 are to be cordoned off and maintain a patrol of armed guards. An electrified chain-link fence topped with barbed wire has been erected in the immediate vicinity surrounding SCP-3389. Eight guard towers, each occupied by no less than two armed Foundation personnel and equipped with security cameras, have been erected to watch over SCP-3389 at all times.

If any instances of SCP-3389-1 collapse, personnel stationed in the surrounding guard towers are to terminate any emerging SCP-3389-2 instances. No entities emerging from the lake are to reach beyond the chain-link fence.

If any personnel are apprehended by an instance of SCP-3389-2, every attempt is to be made to terminate them before they can be pulled into the water.

Description: SCP-3389 is a man-made lake located in the northeastern United States, near the town of ████████, Pennsylvania. Any human being entering SCP-3389 will, after a variable amount of time not exceeding ten minutes, be pulled beneath the surface of the water regardless of the depth at which they were standing. A few minutes after being submerged, a statue (hereafter referred to as SCP-3389-1) of the subject's exact likeness will rise from the water in their place. These statues are unremarkable beyond their anomalous origin, consisting of a synthetic resin and concrete mixture, and given color by standard household latex paint.

Upon discovery by the Foundation, there were forty-seven SCP-3389-1 instances scattered around the lake, all in various states of decay. Thirteen remain, including that of Doctor ████████ (SEE TEST-LOG 3389-D-4). It is currently unknown how many instances were present prior to containment.

Subjects pulled beneath SCP-3389’s surface re-emerge as instances of SCP-3389-2. Instances of SCP-3389-2 surface from the water through an instance of SCP-3389-1, which will collapse moments prior. Their bodies are disfigured in a manner consistent with that of burn victims to variable degrees. Instances of SCP-3389-2 bear a physical resemblance to the instance of SCP-3389-1 through which they surfaced, as well as the subject whose appearance is replicated by said SCP-3389-1 instance.

Once they have surfaced, the entities will begin moving towards the shoreline. SCP-3389-2 entities will then attempt to retrieve subjects and bring them back into SCP-3389, in order to facilitate the creation of more instances of SCP-3389-2.

Addendum 3389-A1: Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-3389-2 instances (SEE INTERVIEW LOG 3389-S1 and TEST LOG 3389-D4), they are to be seen as hostile and treated as such.

Addendum 3389-D4: Due to initial failure in testing, further experiments on SCP-3389 have been barred by order of O5 Command. (SEE TEST LOG 3389-D-4).

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