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Destroyed foundation tank, recovered after initial containment of SCP-3354

Item #: SCP-3354
Object class: Keter
Special containment procedures: SCP-3354 is to be contained in a 10x10x10 meter steel cube, pumped at all times with isoflurane gas (never dropping below 50% concentration for more than 20 seconds), with 2 meter thick walls, floor, and ceiling outside of which is 50 centimeter thick plates of lead. The entrance to the cell is to be blocked off by two 2 meter thick steel blast doors, which are never to be both opened at the same time. There should be cameras on SCP-3354 at all times to monitor and catalog it's behaviors. A very heavily armed squad of MTF-Tau 5 "Samsara" is to be outside of it's containment cell at all times. It is to be given 400 pounds of nutrient meal daily, dropped from a small hatch in the roof of the cell. In the event that the cameras go out and SCP-3354 ceases it's banging on the walls, or that the isoflurane drops to 30% concentration or lower, all mobile task forces available (excluding Omicron Rho, see Incident log 3354-A) are to be called to the premise.
Item description: SCP-3354 is a 6 meter tall insectoid creature of unknown origin. It has 6 limbs, 2 of which are used primarily as arms and 2 of which have large sword-like claws at the end of them. It has a chitinous exoskeleton that is nigh-impervious to small arms such as pistols and low-calibre rifles and submachine guns. It is able to tear through foundation tanks with it's sword-claws and outrun armored vehicles, with a top speed of ███ km/h. It also has extreme regenerative abilities, nearly on par with [[SCP-682|SCP-682's]] and extremely powerful psychic/telekinetic abilities as well. It has a single 1/2 meter tall horn on top of it's head and 8 insectoid eyes. It weighs 3 tons, and is assumed to be able to lift many, many times it's own weight.

SCP-3354 appears to be highly intelligent, but seemingly instinctively it consumes as much as possible. It will eat anything it seems to believe is food, as shown in one time when the Foundation was initially attempting to containing it; while chasing it through a patch of cacti near ██████, Mexico, it tore the plants out of the ground and started rapidly consuming them for an unknown purpose. SCP-3354 bleeds blue blood. It also is extremely quick with it's "swords", able to clear away a path through forests as it's running at top speed, as observed in a minor containment breach.

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