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Item #: SCP-3352

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3352 is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-19. For testing purposes, Level 2 and 3 personnel assigned to handle SCP-3352 are required to have a background in dermatology. During tests involving the usage of SCP-3352 on a subject, personnel are required to wear a fire proximity suit and utilize enhanced secondary tools made from elements with melting points greater than 1300°C. Subjects are prohibited from wearing clothing as such attire can pose a fire hazard. Cultures of the exudates produced via SCP-3352 may be collected for further research.

Description: SCP-3352 is a comedone extractor; a cosmetic instrument commonly used to remove blackheads and blemishes. Structural analysis of SCP-3352 indicates that it is made from standard stainless steel and no micro-level mechanisms are visibly present. The anomalous properties of SCP-3352 manifest when it is placed on the epidermis of an individual suffering from a skin condition such as acne, cysts, or abscesses. If SCP-3352 is placed on such a skin condition and pressed inward to relieve pressure, the condition will secrete an exudate that does not resemble its conventional contents. Instead, such exudates resemble in appearance, temperature, and composition the byproducts of volcanic eruptions such as lava and ash. The type of exudates that are generated and the durations of their secretions strongly correlate with the skin condition that SCP-3352 is used on. The amount of anomalous exudates produced significantly exceed the conventional volume content of the skin conditions. If such exudates are left to deposit and harden on a subject's skin, removing the hardened deposits will reveal that any other skin conditions covered by the exudates have been cured.

Preceding biopsies on subjects before tests indicate that their skin conditions possess appropriate exudates, whereas subsequent biopsies indicate a lack of anomalous properties in the structure of the skin conditions despite the type of exudates that were secreted. It is therefore unknown as to what processes are involved with SCP-3352 that create its anomalous properties. It should also be noted that, despite the high temperatures involved in the properties of SCP-3352 and being directly exposed to the anomalous exudates, subjects do not report feeling any heat or experiencing skin damage resembling burns. Subjects also appear to be immune to any secondary heat sources produced by SCP-3352, such as fabrics combusting due to contact with the anomalous exudates.

SCP-3352 was brought to the attention of the Foundation on July 3rd, 200█ due to initial reports of a fire occurring at a dermatology clinic in Panama City, Florida. Details of the reports included the mention of how all individuals at the clinic were killed with the exception of a single patient. Examination of the epicenter of the fire revealed that the vast majority of equipment had been destroyed due to high temperatures with the exception of SCP-3352. Given this finding, SCP-3352 was confiscated by the Foundation where it was subjected to initial tests that revealed its anomalous properties. The survivor of the fire, verified to be the individual whom SCP-3352 was utilized on, was administered a Class-A amnestic. A cover-up story blaming the fire on an electrical circuit malfunction was given to the public in order to deter suspicion.

Addendum 3352-1: The following is a sample of test logs involving SCP-3352:

Subject: D-19446: 34 year old Hispanic female.
Condition: Blackhead on right side of the nasal dorsum.
Results: Blackhead secreted exudate resembling ‘a‘ā lava. A culture of the exudate was collected by research personnel; therefore no opportunity for secondary anomalous properties to manifest was given.
Duration: 30 minutes.

Subject: D-95367: 21 year old Asian male.
Condition: Abscess on the left cubital fossa.
Results: Abscess secreted exudate resembling a combination of pahoehoe lava and mild ash plume. Exudates were left to deposit and harden on the subject. Removal of the hardened exudates revealed that two moles on the left arm had disappeared.
Duration: 1 hour.

Subject: D-84678: 59 year old Caucasian male.
Condition: Sebaceous cyst 4 cm in diameter located on the right scapular region of the back.
Results: Cyst secreted exudate resembling a large ash plume at a rapid rate. The amount of exudate secreted required research personnel to be evacuated from the testing chamber and ventilation to be turned on.
Duration: ██ hours.

Addendum 3352-2: Observation of subjects following testing involving SCP-3352 suggests that such individuals have developed habits that involve the notion of “popping”. Such habits include blowing saliva bubbles, popping bubble wrap, and [REDACTED]. Further observation may be required to confirm whether these habits are a genuine side effect of SCP-3352, and if so whether such habits are temporary or permanent.

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