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MRI scan of SCP-3352 during Test B, after its organs have been grafted with those of D-3352-02.

Item #: SCP-3352

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3352 is to be confined to a hospital bed and intravenously connected to a total parenteral nutrition1 system, a blood transfusion station, and a class-A amnestics station. The bed is to be housed in a standard containment chamber. Interviews must be conducted in an adjacent room, by personnel with Level-3 or higher Clearance. Cleaning and maintenance are to be completed only after SCP-3352 is injected with amnestics. All personnel entering the cell, with the exception of the D-class employed for testings, have to wear hazmat suits to prevent integration with the specimen.

Description: SCP-3352 is the 1.7m x 0.24m right half of the 50-year-old Asian man identified as Robert Ban. Even though no pulse is observed from SCP-3352, its body does not decompose. The severed veins and arteries have been cauterized since the retrieval. Brain scan indicates that SCP-3352 has been unconscious; were it be otherwise, the specimen is already incapable of verbal communication. The loss of the left hemisphere of the brain severely impairs SCP-3352's language comprehension, while the severance of its jaws and trachea renders speech impossible.

SCP-3352 can only regain the ability to communicate by fusing itself with a human in direct contact utilizing sinews that are 5 cm in diameter and roughly 12 cm in length. Whether or not it succeeds depends on the gender of the subject; if the subject is male, SCP-3352 will protrude the sinews from inside of its body and insert them into the D-class' skin, but retreat them after roughly 2 minutes. If the subject is female, however, SCP-3352 will rip away her right body with said sinews. When only the left half of the subject remains, SCP-3352 will merge with it; the D-class' vital organs will be fused to those of the specimen first, then the bones, flesh and skin will be grafted sequentially. All repairs are performed with sinews of microscopic sizes.

By fusing its right hemisphere with the subject's corpus callosum2, SCP-3352 gains full body coordination. As a result, the specimen regains normal movement and speech upon completion. However, SCP-3352 seems to experience sensory misperception, as it is unaware of its current state from its point of view or any pain. SCP-3352 cannot be killed with external forces either, as it will self-regenerate through unknown means.

The only known method to separate SCP-3352 from the affected subject is to suppress the production of the gamma-aminobutyric acid3 in the brain. Class-A amnestics, or generally depressants, are currently the most effective methods of achieving this; blunt force trauma or any other kind of external forces do not revert SCP-3352 to its original state. If the integration is not interrupted, however, the half of the body SCP-3352 consolidates will remain functional up to a week. The fusion will end as the corpse starts its delayed decomposition and eventually detaches from SCP-3352.

Discovery: SCP-3352 was one of three casualties in a traffic accident which occurred on May 24th, 2018 in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States; the other two were identified as Carol Ban and Clarissa Ban, its wife and young daughter. The Ban family was driving on the I-94 highway when an oncoming truck collided with the left side of their vehicle, causing its overturn. SCP-3352 was severed sagittally upon collision, while Mrs. Ban and Clarissa died upon impact with the ground.

At 20:11, in the morgue unit of UPMC Hamot Hospital, SCP-3352 regained consciousness. It merged with one of the coroners and attempted to exit the facility, before confronted by the Erie County Police. After observing that normal bullets could not halt SCP-3352's advance, one officer, in a desperate attempt, utilized an available tranquilizer; as a result, the specimen was detached from the corpse. Mobile Task Force Phi-9 ("The Condiments") arrived at the scene 30 minutes after the event. All witnesses of SCP-3352 were issued class-B amnestics, and the acquisition of CCTV footage within the 20:10 - 20:35 interval was authorized.

Experiment Log 3352-01:

Foreword: Dr. Demil, head researcher of the project, requested permission to use a number of D-class subjects to accrue information about SCP-3352's integration. The events that transpired are transcribed chronologically in minutes.

Test A:

Subject: D-3352-01, a 24-year-old male of average physical health. MRI scan and blood sampling are to be conducted.


<00:00> D-3352-01 is instructed to press his body against SCP-3352.

<00:57> SCP-3352 commences protruding its sinews towards the subject while remains unconscious. The sinews are removing the subject's apparel.

<01:27> SCP-3352's sinews are creating orifices into D-3352-01's skin. The subject is now vocalizing his distress and attempting to escape from SCP-3352, but the overwhelming sensation of pain has seemingly paralyzed him.

<02:00> The process is halted; SCP-3352 retracts the sinews from the personnel inside of its body and reverts to its original state.

D-3352-01 suffers from blood loss in various orifices. The subject receives medical treatments and class-B amnestics.

Test B:

Subject: D-3352-02, a 30-year-old female of average build and health. MRI scan and autopsy of the D-class are to be conducted.


<00:00> D-3352-02 is instructed to press her body against SCP-3352.

<00:25> SCP-3352 begins the process of removing the subject's right body.

<03:00> SCP-3352 has now discarded roughly 30% of the subject’s upper body tissues. D-3352-02 vocalizes her distress throughout the process.

<04:25> SCP-3352 has destroyed half of D-3352-02's trachea and mouth, disabling her communication ability. The sinews are drilling into the bones and removing the marrow.

<06:00> D-3352-02's right half has been completely removed by SCP-3352, which now begins the fusion with her remainder. The subject has deceased from blood loss.

<07:14> MRI scans indicate that SCP-3352's heart is fully grafted and pulsating.

<08:40> SCP-3352 has fused its brain with that of D-3352-02. Minor spasms are observed throughout its body.

<09:30> The specimen is now finalizing its integration by patching the skin.

<10:00> Integration is complete. The specimen slowly regains consciousness.

The following conversation between SCP-3352 and Dr. Demil is transcribed.

<12:48> Dr. Demil immediately activates the amnestics station, which causes the ejection of D-3352-02.4

In the autopsy of D-3352-02, the forensic team observes that all of the organs in D-3352-02 were functional before severed coarsely from SCP-3352; the sinews used in the grafting remain attached to the organs. The bones were bifurcated by a decrease in the amount of collagen5.

Test C:

Subject: D-3352-03, a 32-year-old female


<01:00> SCP-3352 commences the integration with the subject.

<05:46> D-3352-03 has deceased.

<09:37> SCP-3352 completes its fusion with D-3352-03 and regains consciousness.

SCP-3352 continues to fabricate reasons of denial. The behavior persists for a week, throughout which the specimen is slowly convinced of the death of its family by Dr. Demil. When the corpse of D-3352-03 is ejected out of SCP-3352, it returns to its unconscious state. Autopsy of the D-class shows the same results as the previous test.

Test D:

Subject: D-3352-04, a 35-year-old female


<09:00>: SCP-3352 completes the integration faster than usual.

Dr. Demil decides to leave SCP-3352 fused with D-3352-04. The specimen does nothing but sob for the next 6 hours, then falls to sleep.

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