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Item: SCP-3284

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3284 needs to be stored in a medium chamber whit SCP 3284-1 inside , all attempts to investigate SCP 3284 must be supervised with necessary equipment, in case of being exposed to SCP 3284 without any protection , the personnel must be sended to quarantined and be constantly analyzed.

Description: SCP 3284 is a containerwith some unknown liquid inside , when someone is exposed to this liquid whitout protection , the subgect contract some kind of toxin identified as SCP-3284-1 , is caused by a bacterium (Sonitanum Queplirus).It is also transmitted through exposed liquids infected with SCP-3284-1. , traits of the SCP-3284-1 toxin include:

*Waterborne only.
*100% Lethal.

Symptoms of infection with SCP-3284,include:

* Burning sensation arround the body.
* Appearance of cysts arround differents parts of the body.
* High fever.

The toxin acts in different types of mutations in the body ,5 days after the contact whit SCP-3284-1,at the moment, different types of mutations have been registered which can be:

Type 1: The affected begins to experience considerable growth of cysts along with
weakness when walking, is the most common mutation of Quepler.

Type 2: It's very similar to type 1 , but the cysts increase their size even more than normal,
causing them to burst and spread the toxin , it is deadly in most cases.

Type 3: The cysts do not increase in size, but the toxin paralyzes the body and the toxin
begins to disintegrate the organs and bones but not completely, It is rare but the most deadly and
painful type.

SCP-3284 was found in [DATA EXPOSED] at some abandoned wooden house whit the chamber inside and a dead body apparently whit type 2 mutation in a state of advanced decomposition

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