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SCP-3276, powered off

Item #: SCP-3276

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3276 is to be placed in a standard storage container, powered off and plugged into a power supply with an AC Adapter. No other special procedures for SCP-3276 are necessary. The entirety of SCP-3276-1 and SCP-3276-2 are to be placed in separate storage containers away from SCP-3276. The container holding SCP-3276-1 must be placed at least 10 meters away from SCP-3276. A container of identical SCP-3276-1 copies is to be stored next to SCP-3276-1. Testing is restricted to Level 2 personnel or higher.

Description: SCP-3276 is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP handheld device, standard front-lit Cobalt Blue edition. The external and internal components are identical to that of a non-anomalous model, except that its battery life has been modified and increased considerably to approximately 24 hours of continuous play.1

SCP-3276-1 is the collective amount of 32,768 white, plastic cubes, found with SCP-3276 at the time of discovery. Each cube has a volume of 1 cm3 and a mass of 1 gram. The cubes have no apparent anomalous effects unless brought into the radius of SCP-3276's effect.

SCP-3276's anomalous effects manifest when a cartridge capable of running on a Game Boy Advance is put in the cartridge slot and at least 125 cubes of SCP-3276-1 or identical replicas are present within a 250 cm radius, otherwise, it will function as a normal Game Boy Advance SP would. When the device is turned on, the cubes will move towards it at a rate of 0.1 meters per second2 and begin assembling themselves, with various cubes bonding together.3 The finished product is a full-color, three-dimensional, pixelated object or entity from the game the cartridge contains, hereafter classified as SCP-3276-A.

SCP-3276 is capable of creating any object or entity from the inserted cartridge, with the only limitation being that it must be within a 32 by 32 by 32 block grid. The assembly period lasts up to 1 hour, depending on the object being created and cubes used in construction, as cubes that are not part of SCP-3276-1 have been noted to be assembled at a slower rate than cubes of SCP-3276-1.

SCP-3276-2 is an unlabeled Game Boy Advance cartridge found in SCP-3276 during initial recovery. SCP-3276-2 only works with SCP-3276, as attempting to run it on a non-anomalous model gives the same result as running it without a cartridge inserted. If SCP-3276-2 is inserted into SCP-3276, the same process is observed, although the process lasts about 1.5 times longer than other cartridges, and the product is a non-fictional object.

Instances of SCP-3276-A possess the same physical features of the item portrayed and function as a regular version of the object normally would, albeit their appearance and that they are unaffected by any physical damage. While some instances may act hostile, the level of actual danger is relatively minuscule. Instances can survive indefinitely inside of SCP-3276's area of effect, but can only last 1 hour outside of the area, at which point it will immediately cease activity, and the cubes composing the instances will defuse and return to their original white color, although the shape of the instance will remain until an outside force affects it. If SCP-3276 is turned off through the power switch or lack of battery power, the same effects will occur regardless of the location of SCP-3276-A.

Addendum-1: Initial Testing Log: ██/██/17

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