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Item #: SCP-3183

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no way to fully contain SCP-3183. The Foundation's efforts are currently focused on supporting organizations which are studying ways of handling disorders similar to SCP-3183. If at any point a treatment for the phobia associated with SCP-3183 is discovered, all available Foundation resources are to be used to encourage the use of the treatment for treating the phobia.

Any missing person or homicide cases caused by the disappearance of an instance of SCP-3183-1 are to be halted by Foundation personnel implanted within appropriate government organizations. Any suicide reports possibly linked to SCP-3183 are to be monitored for developments unusual of a non-anomalous suicide.

Reports of unidentified bodies are to be checked against a database of all previous SCP-3183-1. If an instance of SCP-3183-1 is found post-completion of SCP-3183 then the current Site Director of site-78 is to be informed.1

Description: SCP-3183 is an anxiety disorder which at the lowest estimate has affected between 400 and 1000 individuals since April 3rd, 2010. SCP-3183 has not yet been documented affecting anyone not currently living in North America, nor has it been documented in anyone who lacks an understanding of written English. SCP-3183 first manifests as a non-anomalous phobia concerning the lack of an afterlife making early detection, and research difficult. SCP-3183 will remain like this for an indeterminate period of time before advancing into its second stage.

During its second stage SCP-3183 will rapidly increase in intensity. During this stage the affected individual, referred to as SCP-3183-1, will begin to log its mental state on an online public medium.2 Similarities between these logs include references to a physical void, some type of performance, and physical destruction. After a period of time3 SCP-3183 will cease to increase in its intensity. At this point its final effect will manifest.

SCP-3183 will at this point end with the instantaneous disappearance of SCP-3183-1 alongside any biological material that was once part of SCP-3183-1. This has occurred even when the biological material is currently comprising another organism. All devices planted on SCP-3183-1 have failed to follow SCP-3183-1 past the point of disappearance. It is currently unknown what happens to SCP-3183-1 after disappearance.

Addendum 1: The following is a series of forum posts in an online journal, written by J██████ T█████, a member of the community forum website www.███████.com under the name MythStorage. Alongside a chat log made before the completion of SCP-3183. These comprise the first documented case of SCP-3183. No instance of SCP-3183 has been discovered which occurred before the creation of the final digital entry.

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