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SCP-3128-A captured from the body camera of D-class personnel #█.

Item #: SCP-3128

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3128's high impact risk to the surrounding areas and environments, permanent containment procedures are still under development. SCP-3128 is currently located within a coal mine, now known as SCP-3128-B, approximately 3.6km below the surface. The mine is spread across 67km² in the middle of the ██████ coal field. SCP-3128 is located at the end of the mine, seemingly originating from a newly struck vein of a previously unknown bright-green ore.

Given SCP-3128-A's nature, it must be kept at this depth, and area of the rock cavern at all times. To accomplish this task until further containment procedures are developed, researchers and on-site staff are to position 6 9x9m steel hyper-enforced fans at the designated locations within the mine. Fans are to be kept at maximum power and under no circumstances should the intensity be lowered.

The entrance to the mine is sealed with solid titanium walls, reinforced with coal-lined stone taken from the mine itself, with a decompression chamber being the only access point between the outside, and the inside. Should SCP-3128-A deviate from it's current position, via failure of the anti-earthquake structures lining SCP-3128-B or otherwise, all on-site staff are to alert off-site personnel immediately. Any level 3 research participant or higher is the be evacuated from SCP-3128-B, after which time an on site collection of TNT explosives will be detonated in an attempt to close off SCP-3128-A from the atmosphere, and all remaining on-site staff are to be considered terminated.

Should all attempts fail to contain SCP-3128-A in the event of possible atmospheric contamination, administrators and all staff personnel, are to immediately prepare for a XK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

Description: SCP-3128-A is a green smoke-like substance which takes the form of a gassy cloud, taking up approximately 355.971 cubic feet of space at the designated location, and is slowly increasing in size. Upon discovery on ██/██/████, only 124.215 cubic feet of space was contaminated by SCP-3128-A. It was discovered after members of the [DATA EXPUNGED] mining group uncovered what appeared to be a previously unknown vein of ore.

After an attempt to mine SCP-3128-A, a hole roughly 3x6m erupted, exposing all members of the mining group to SCP-3128-A, resulting in the death of over ██ members of the expedition. Their cause of death was what lead researchers to indicate what SCP-3128-A's anomalous properties were, as well as it's keter classification. SCP-3128-A is naturally drawn to all forms of "Air", and when encountering it, completely absorbs all combinations of Hydrogen and Oxygen, leaving no trace behind. This causes obvious death in any animal encountering SCP-3128-A.

Furthermore, what initially lead to SCP-3128-A's keter classification is it's ability to seek out air on it's own accord, and seemingly instantaneously absorb all forms of it. See addendum 001. It is because of this that further research into SCP-3128-A's sentience is underway. Also, during and after absorption, SCP-3128-A will cease to grow in size. Other than it's anomalous properties, SCP-3128-A will function as any other gas. All of these factors make the currently used on site fans a sufficient way to contain SCP-3128-A for the time being.

After several research attempts, it has been noted that SCP-3128-A cannot seek out air through the coal-lined stone in the cavern, now known as SCP-3128-B. All attempts to recreate the same results with other stone slabs infused with naturally occurring coal ore have proven ineffective. Although containment may seem secure at the moment, SCP-3128-A's slow increase of size may indicate that it is in fact a small representation of what lies behind the mined area. Attempts to collapse the cavern have not been permitted, as this may widen the hole that SCP-3128-A seemingly exited from. All attempts to explore said hole have been canceled, see Addendum 003. Currently, it is unknown if other sources of SCP-3128-A are found around the world, however all top official mining companies have been notified to report all instances of a green-vein of unknown substance.

Addendum 001: Researchers placed a jar of concentrated oxygen within vicinity of SCP-3128-A via 4 wheeled robotic transport device. Upon reaching SCP-3128-A, the green gas seemed to surround the jar in a coil like motion, after which the glass was shattered and all traces of oxygen ceased.

Addendum 002: Researchers lead a full grown golden retriever down toward SCP-3128-A's designated location. SCP-3128-A reacted accordingly, coiling around the dog and depriving it of all air. It is noted that subject showed similar signs of those encountering space without proper safety gear.

Addendum 003:
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