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Item #: SCP-3106

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures a small room with 5cm thick metal and a one way mirror

description a tall male metal skeleton covered in mold, human flesh, organs, and a mask Dr. X██████████ gives all his trophies. he was found in a raid of Dr. X██████████ laboratory in the middle of ██████████ he was was shot and killed when opening his safe in is safe was ██████████ and ██████████ and SCP-3106-1 it is a note written by war veteran ██████████ it says "before i die i must tell you i worked for the nazis in world war 2 i was a scientist working on a super soldier with a metal skeleton they was many models so much death but once we got the metal skeleton working it disappeared we looked day and night until people started disappearing until i saw it it looked lik-" the note ended

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