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The Box SCP-3094 is being kept in.

Item #: SCP-3094

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3094 must be contained in a Diamond Encrusted Metal Box to keep it from breaching. Class-D Personnel must constantly be watching to see if there have been any cracks, deep cuts, and holes. If there are any cracks, deep cuts, or holes, then every available Class-D and Class-C personnel to patch it up. The materials will be held in a box 12 meters away from SCP-3094. If there are no materials available, simply refill them. In the event of a containment breach, stay calm and evacuate.

Description: SCP-3094 is a gas-like substance, even though there are different accounts. SCP-3094 disintegrates all metal and concrete it comes in contact with unless infused with diamond, which however only slows it down. SCP-3094 has the ability to open doors, even ones that need keycards or passwords. SCP-3094 is also non-lethal on other SCPs, however, it is very lethal to humans. This cannot be explained because SCPs 049, 073, 076, 096, 105, 106, 343 and 963 although being humanoid, aren't affected by SCP-3094.

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