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SCP-3082 when first discovered by Foundation operatives in New York City

Item #: SCP-3082

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3082 is contained at Site-15. It is to remain in an enclosed room whose walls, floor, and ceiling are constructed of brick, concrete, and/or other radio wave obstructing materials. The walls, floor, and ceiling must be a minimum of 30 centimeters thick to ensure the full containment of wireless communication within the chamber. For efficiency, SCP-3082 is to be placed on a small table in the center of the containment room. Power cells storing a minimum of 24 hours worth of backup electricity must be installed in the room to power SCP-3082 in case of facility blackout.

No computer, cell phone, tablet, or other electronic device is to leave the containment chamber without its data heavily encrypted and/or wiped clean. For this reason, it is recommended that anyone who intends to enter the containment chamber leave personal devices outside and use only the computers already provided within. Any unapproved data storage device that enters or leaves the containment room will be confiscated.

The object should remain the only device connected to a modified power strip specifically reserved for it. The power strip must always be plugged into both the facility grid and a separate adapter linked to the containment chamber's backup power cells. Interaction with SCP-3082 requires Level 2 clearance or higher.

  • As of ██/05/2017, no one is to access SCP-3082 without the express permission of the Site Director and the knowledge of at least one member of the O5 council. In the interest of preserving personnel safety, access to SCP-3082 will be directly supervised by Dr. Riley Cadence, provided that she is available. - O5-██
  • Interaction with SCP-3082 requires the permission of the Site Director and the supervision of a staff member with Level 3 clearance.

Should any personnel at Site-15 ever find themselves able to access an unsecured wireless network named "SCP-3082" on a device outside of the object's containment room, the Site Director is to be notified immediately. Any unauthorized individuals who have accessed the "SCP-3082" network will be administered amnestics of the appropriate grade at the discretion of the Site Director.

Description: SCP-3082 is a Belkin brand internet modem measuring 19.1 cm tall by 6.4 cm wide and 20.8 cm long. Its mass is 0.5 kg. The object's casing is made of black plastic smoothed to a reflective finish and is physically identical to that of a non-anomalous modem of the same make. Where the serial number of the modem is usually seen on a standard device, SCP-3082 instead reads the designation "SCP-3082" followed by the Foundation's own shield logo. Investigation into how this came to be remains ongoing.

The anomalous modem has no encryption or security key on its network, and all attempts to install such or otherwise modify its software have met with failure. Attempts to rename the object's network from "SCP-3082" to any other identification have likewise been unsuccessful. Experimentation with the modem's hardware has revealed that individual electronic components of SCP-3082 behave non-anomalously in conjunction with parts from non-anomalous devices. Researchers have concluded that SCP-3082 displays anomalous properties only when its electronic components function together.

The object's primary anomalous trait is its ability to link to an undetermined number of alternate universes strongly resembling our own. Rather than interacting with the internet of this reality, electronic devices which access the "SCP-3082" network are connected to the internet of whichever universe the modem is currently "dialed" into. Researchers have observed that in over 90% of alternate realities accessed by the object, anomalous activity and/or the Foundation itself appears to have significantly influenced the divergence of the timeline.

Testing has revealed that loss of power to SCP-3082 resets its connection to alternate realities, prompting the modem to "redial" itself to a new universe once turned back on. Thus far, researchers have yet to see SCP-3082 dial itself to a unique universe more than once.

Information regarding universes categorized as SCP-3082-1 may be found in documents #3082-1-01 through #3082-1-038. Universes regarded as instances of SCP-3082-2 are realities which meet two criteria:

  1. They must be at least 97% identical to our own
  2. The existence of anomalous activity and paranormal organizations cannot be conclusively proven

Information related to universes categorized as SCP-3082-3 through SCP-3082-██ is pending release.

Addendum #3082-01: On ██/██/2017 after a standard reboot, SCP-3082 accessed the internet of an alternate reality designated LE2-P97-NA1, also referred to as SCP-3082-██. Due to unique qualities of this new alternate universe, all extraneous research related to SCP-3082 has been suspended until Experiment #3082-██ is deemed complete.

Addendum #3082-02: Following Incident #3082-██-2 and Dr. Cadence's subsequent amnesticization, SCP-3082 was restarted. Long-term testing of the object has been banned. Personnel with Level 2 clearance may apply to open short-term, individual studies lasting no longer than two weeks, provided that said personnel have not previously worked with SCP-3082.


  1. SCP-3082 is partially based on the "Broken Masquerade" Canon:
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