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Item #: SCP-3081

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There are currently 81 recorded settlements housing 12-15 instances of SCP-3081, all located within the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. With each settlement discovered, a selected amount instances of SCP-3081 are to be contained at Site-17 for study. This number is dependent on the population of the discovered settlement. But due to the constant reproductive habits of SCP-3081, proper containment has been proven to be difficult, thus remaining instances are to be monitored until further notice by 05-77. These settlements are to be monitored by personnel. If any instance of SCP-3081 is to attempt to migrate to a populated or undocumented area, they are to be immediately terminated. Tests must be performed weekly to insure that all personnel are still present, and are not being replicated by SCP-3081. Any instance of SCP-3081 that have been documented as extremely violent are to be contained in a standard containment cell at Site-17. Cells must be cleaned every 2 days. Violent instances of SCP-3081 must be contained until they have ceased hazardous behavior. If this is unsuccessful, the instance of SCP-3081 must be terminated within 48 hours. New Procedures Requested by 05-██: Due to recent events, every instance of SCP-3081 must be terminated immediately. Several instances have breached containment, and their whereabouts are unknown. The termination of SCP-3081 is requested to prevent an DK-Class Scenario1.

Description: SCP-3081 consists of multiple beings. There are currently 152 recorded instances of SCP-3081. Instances SCP-3081 are made up of a gelatinous material capable of assuming any form. The most common form SCP-3081 pursues is a humanoid entity with reptilian/amphibian features, such as scales, webbed feet, bioluminescent eyes, and forked tongues. They use stones, spears, and darts to defend their territory. The skin of color of instances of SCP-3081 can range from blue to scarlet. Different SCP-3081 tribes may battle. Instances of SCP-3081 reproduce by splitting apart into two separate entities. Due to this, MTF Beta-7 must thin the population of SCP-3081 to prevent overpopulation.

Addendum 3081.1: MPFF-3081-012

As of █/██/2000, there have been reports of SCP-3081 spitting a highly corrosive substance at MTF Beta-7. It is unknown if instances of SCP-3081 were able to perform this action before. There have also been reports of personnel being bitten by SCP-3081, resulting in subject being injected with an extremely toxic substance that results in blindness, brain damage, and internal bleeding. Instances of SCP-3081 have learned how to use modern utilities, such as weapons and tools. Several outposts have been raided by groups of SCP-3081. Any instance of SCP-3081 using weapons other than spears and/or stones is to be reported and terminated.

Addendum 3081.2: Specific Dates and Details of SCP-3081 Evolution since █/██/2000:

Date Reported Details Casualties
█/17/2003 SCP-3081 has now learned to hijack vehicles, such as land rovers and civilian cars. Instances of SCP-3081 had almost succeeded in hijacking a tank. This could lead to major catastrophe in the future.
█/█/2003 SCP-3081 has learned to speak basic Spanish. The reason for this is unknown. SCP-3081 now have the capability to better coordinate with one-another, leading to excessive breaches and unexpected ambushes in patrolling MTF units.
13/7/2004 SCP-3081 can now completely replicate the English language when mimicking foundation personnel. Daily checks must now be performed to ensure all personnel are present. 6 personnel have gone missing, including Dr. ████. 2 personnel were wrongly accused of being instances of SCP-3081 and terminated.
1/12/20██ [REDACTED] A nearby town was bombed due to SCP-3081 invading. 17 people died in the incident, 44 were injured.
5/2█/20██ Instances of SCP-3081 have adapted to the weekly tests making sure no instances of SCP-3081 have broken in, making it harder to determine whether an instance of SCP-3081 is replicating foundation personnel. Due to this, several instances of SCP-3081 have escaped into the wild and have presumably created new settlements. [DATA EXPUNGED]
6/█3/20██ Instances of SCP-3081 have developed advanced coordination skills, causing several instances of SCP-3081 to escape foundation boundaries, kill several personnel, and form new colonies. Instances of SCP-3081 now communicate with a series of chirps and clicks. It is now clear that instances of SCP-3081 are now able to form their own government, and due to their recent violent behavior and capability to spread rapidly, could result in disaster. MTF Beta-7 was able to discover a small, undocumented settlement, but the number of instances of SCP-3081 had increased by an estimate of 45-67. SCP-3081 showed intense retaliation to gunfire, killing 7 personnel. The colony of SCP-3081 has relocated, and it's whereabouts are unknown. This colony was discovered near the US/Mexican border.
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