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SCP-3079 when first found in England

Item #: SCP-3079

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3079 is kept in an average steel bird cage with a 40 cm base and a height of 60 cm with 2 cm spacing of the metal bars of the cage. SCP-3079 is to be fed any of the following:

  • Sunflower Seeds (10 grams)
  • Basic Porridge Oats (10 grams)
  • Fresh Berries e.g. Blackcurrants and Raspberries etc (40 grams)
  • Dried insects e.g Crickets and Termites (10 grams, Must be on Fridays, without fail)
  • One single earthworm (Once every fortnight)
  • Water must be given to everyday (Must be done everyday, 10 millilitres)

Staff with a Level 5 security clearance may enter the 4 metre x 4 metre concrete room in which SCP-3079's cage is contained along with SCP-3079. SCP-3079 is kept at Area-02 this is due to its world-ending properties that could alert or worry mankind.

When handling SCP-3079, make sure all exits to the outside world are heavily guarded, locked or blocked. If SCP-3079 does ever escape, there is a tracking device implanted in the back of the neck. The tracking chip is observed by SCP staff and anyone with a Level 1 security clearance or higher can scan the screen on which the tracking chip is shown on.

The screen itself is a tablet-like size and was only built for the soul purpose to track SCP-3079 if it ever escapes its cage. The screen displays a blank dark green colour and in the centre of the screen is a light green box which represents SCP-3079's containment cell. The flashing red dot icon inside the light green box represents the tracking chip in inside SCP-3079's neck. The tablet screen is observed by Level 1 or higher security guards and security officers. If the red dot icon, ever does leave the room, the member of Foundation staff scanning it must alert Level 5 security clearance holders. When the red dot icon leaves the light green box, a text box appears letting the staff know:

  • The country SCP-3079 is in
  • The town SCP-3079 is in

The chip also contains a camera which displays a live video feed of the surroundings of SCP-3079's area. This also appears when the red dot exits the light green box. The video feed will go on until manually powered off by SCP Staff using the chip.

Description: SCP-3079 is a Columba palumbus otherwise known as a Common Woodpigeon. It was found in █████, England on the 14th July 19██ and was brought to the SCP Foundations attention when they had received reports of a male voice counting down to 0 from a number that was around 30,000 from inside a Common Woodpigeon. When contained, The SCP Foundation gave SCP-3079 to see if the food created a reaction in SCP-3079, when given 5 sunflower seeds, the countdown did in fact reset to the number 86,400 and the male voice started again. This resulted once again into another countdown to zero. Staff (when containing SCP-3079) mainly took into account the fact that the countdown was coming from inside the pigeon.

The Foundation ran 2 tests on SCP-3079, here they are:

Test 1: Due to the countdown coming from inside SCP-3079, Research staff performed an X-ray on SCP-3079. After doing an X-ray on SCP-3079 it showed a rectangular, small box between its ribs, just below SCP-3079's heart. Obviously, this lead to Chest Surgery on SCP-3079, when cutting a medium-sized incision between the ribs of SCP-3079, it revealed a smallish bomb-like object with wires connected to a part of the brain and stomach. Upon inspecting the bomb, a small note was found on the side of the bomb saying:

Hope You Enjoy Our Little Gift, Feed And Let It Live And You Won't Die

Upon inspection of wires, they were connected to the Hypothalamus which is the part of a humans brain that deals with hunger, thirst and such. A wire was connected to the base of the stomach, the wire was connected to a miniature weighing scale. After about 3 hours of analysing these wires, The Research staff concluded that the bomb would explode if SCP-3079 was not given a certain amount of food everyday. All attempts to remove the bomb have been unsuccessful due to the fact it may damage SCP-3079 and it seems the only way to reset it and deny its explosion is to give SCP-3079 food for consumption. More tests were done predicting age and it was shown to be around 56 years of age where as a normal pigeons life span is around 3-5 years giving the research staff to believe that it is immortal when it comes to aging.

Test 2: The SCP Foundation decided while the bomb was out of SCP-3079's torso, it was worth checking how deadly it is and how much destruction it could cause. The SCP Foundation contacted a bomb expert and researcher by the name of Woody ██████ to observe the bomb:

An interview with Doctor Theodore ████ occurred after Woody had observed the bomb. This interview occurred 17th July 19██.

Woody ██████: Hello Doctor Can I Start Of By Saying, This Is Some Bad Stuff You've Got Here

Dr. Theodore: What Do You Mean Woody?

Woody ██████: I've Seen A Bomb Like That Before, It Was Nicknamed The Big ████████ . It Is The Smallest Bomb Ever Created That Can Do More Damage Than Any Nuke Russia Has In There F**king Inventory.

Dr. Theodore: Where's This Bomb From? What Can It Do?

Woody ██████: It's From ███████ And It's Capable Of Demolishing An Area Bigger Than Our Moon Doctor, Not To Mention The Radioactivity And Fire It Would Spread.
Dr. Theodore: So Your Telling Me The Fate Of Our Earth Relies On The Feeding Of A Pigeon
Woody ██████: Apparently So Doctor. But At Least The One I Saw Was A Replica And Not A Real One, Luckily We've Only Got One On This Planet And It's In A Pigeon

Closing Statement: After The Interview, Woody Wished Us Luck On Protecting Our Earth And Left. Dr. Theodore Told The Research Staff The News And They Instantly Stopped All Tests In Order For SCP-079 To Eat.

SCP-3079 has been eating fine and hasn't ran into any health problems, it recently reached 100 years old and still looks 2 years of age. Due to this information, we can in fact prove that SCP-3079 can't age meaning generations of SCP Staff will have to take care of. More visual research and X-ray scans have shown that the bomb is still quite active and it will explode if the bird does in fact die of disease, man-made causes such as pollution and will die of just basic human ways e.g. getting hit by cars, falling a high platform to your death, stabbing or piecing of the body etc. It is still only immune to aging. Recently, we also received a strange call, it was a male voice, it was a rather deep voice and it said "not even space will protect you". This has lead us to believe we can't launch it into space for some unknown reason but when it comes to the extinction of all man kind we don't want to test the effects of launching it into space when we are alluded not to." This quote was said By Dr. Theodore explaining the status of SCP-3079 on 13th January 20██

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