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Note: Some of the non-lethal information regarding SCP-3070 and SCP-3070-1 has been shown to spread its effects, so it has been henceforth purged from this document.

Item #: SCP-3070

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The current location of SCP-3070-1 is not outlined in this file. It has since been moved several times since its initial recovery on ██/██/████ so as to not spread its effects any further.

Record of its containment procedures and recovery have been stored at [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED] until it was moved to its current location, were it is assumed to be held under a strictly enforced, unknown site. Guards stationed to prevent access are to be administered amnestic gas treatment every twenty-four hours and replaced by new individuals at SCP-3070 and SCP-3070-1's storage facility, as well as those who transport guards to its location. This is done to reduce the chance of prolonged exposure to SCP-3070.

Reports of 3070-related deaths are to be replaced with deaths via alternate methods, so as to provide closed-casket funerals for families associated with the departed.

Description: SCP-3070 is the designation for an infohazardous anomaly of unknown specification. It is certain that some knowledge of SCP-3070 is the vector of its effects.

SCP-3070-1 refers to a cadaver originally identified as [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED].

Non-lethal information in regards to the description of SCP-3070 and SCP-3070-1 are outlined here:

  • SCP-3070 is a contagion that assigns itself to only one host at a time.
  • SCP-3070 may or may not be an infectious bacterium, it is also theorized to be an object that requires a humanoid companion.
  • SCP-3070 is associated with a unique consciousness (Assumed to be that of SCP-3070-1) that overrides that of the individual currently infected with itself (See Interview Log 3070-A)1.
  • Knowledge of exact means in which SCP-3070 kills those is lethal in 10% of correct cases2.
  • When a humanoid gains certain information of about the properties of SCP-3070, a human in the city of ███████, Washington will subsequently commit suicide via ingestion of boric acid (A weak Lewis acid and common household agent with various uses). Foundation individuals monitoring local emergency dispatch are to be alert and aware of any reports regarding the deaths of those in the area that express similarities to the effects of SCP-3070.
  • When an individual commits suicide this way, it becomes a replica of SCP-3070-1. It has since moved to █,███ different corpses upon acquisition of knowledge of SCP-3070. Such remains are to be obtained as quickly as possible and incinerated. The methods of the transmutation of the human into SCP-3070-1 are currently unknown (and may or may not be an infectious hazard in and of itself).

SCP-3070 was discovered following multiple reports of [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED]'s corpse turning up in ███████'s local morgue. Upon Foundation investigation of the property of said individual, the apartment unit was devoid of most belongings aside from the suicide note written by SCP-3070-1's original corpse. SCP-3070 was found on a single table in the center of the living room, and subsequently killed ██ personnel before it was theorized to be infohazardous. Following that, Agent Dale ██████ was successful in containing the anomaly by entering the room facing away from SCP-3070 and quarantining it by carefully placing a box over the anomaly, masking its appearance.

The consciousness of SCP-3070-1 is in a constantly agitated state, and little can be done in order to console it. The host bound to SCP-3070 is effectively immortal aside from death via boric acid poisoning. At no time should an infected individual be provided with the compound, as doing so has resulted in [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED], the likes of which have caused a total loss of ███ personnel since its discovery.

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