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Item Number: SCP-3053

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: Effective on 02-29-2015, SCP-3053 is kept inside a 4 m × 10 m × 4 m × 10 m room in Site-58. SCP-3053 must be cleaned daily and must be kept observed by 2 cameras detected near the entrance. SCP-3053 is allowed to roam freely but must be guarded by one Mobile Task Force.

Description: SCP-3053 is a 104 cm canis lupus familiaris with a tag stating he is owned by [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-3053 is capable of speech and talks in a highly intelligent way. SCP-3053 has shown to be capable of camouflaging to safety and can run at approximately 15/kph.

Initial Discovery: SCP-3053 was first discovered roaming around in [REDACTED], Mississippi and was brought attention to the Foundation when a news reporter has apparently recorded SCP-3053 talking to him. A few Mobile Task Force was sent to retrieve it with no casualty as SCP-3053 came along by it's own will, and the reporter was given Class-A amnestics and had the recorded tape kept as evidence to SCP-3053.

Addendum-3053-a: Portion of the recorded conbersation between SCP-3053 and the news reporter, [REDACTED], with the given codename, NR-003.

Interviewed: SCP-3053 **
Interviewer: NR-003
< Begin Log, PM/ 3-15-2014>
NR-003: Tell me, kind sir. Where is your owner?
SCP-3053: Gone. Left this world. Deceased.
NR-003: Oh. Forgive me for asking.
SCP-3053: It is fine. I have already moved on.
NR-003: Alright. What is your opinion on this place?
SCP-3053: Tis a nice place, but a bit too noisy.
NR-003: Can you describe what you mean?
SCP-3053: Neighbors yelling all the time. Cars honking. Babies crying.
NR-003: Oh. May I know what do you do if no one wants to talk to you?
SCP-3053: Nothing. I prefer no one talking to me.
NR-003: But then, why did you-
SCP-3053: Because I want to. If you want, I may leave right now.
NR-003: Oh, no. I just asked.
SCP-3053: Very well then. Next question.
< End Log, 3-15-2014>
Closing Statement: NR-003 left after the interview and SCP-3053 left to find food. 4 hours later, Mobile Task Force secured SCP-3053 and had given NR-003 Class-A amnestics.

Addendum-3053-b: It is currently pending if SCP-3053 is given with a Thaumiel classification.

Addendum-3053-c: SCP-3053 is now under the care of Dr. Alfred Ryder and tests to SCP-3053 must be approved by a Class-3 Researcher or Agent. If test is to occur, SCP-3053 is given military uniform and must be observed by 2-5 Researcher, including Dr. Ryder.

Note: SCP-3053 is usually calm and follows order. Reason to have less than 5 Researcher is to understand SCP-3053 more. - Dr. Arthur Ryder

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