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Item #: SCP-3053

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3053 is to be kept locked in their room at all times.

SCP-3053 is to be held under standard humanoid containment protocols.

SCP-3053's movements and actions are to be monitored to ensure it does not attempt to self-harm/take their own life. SCP-3053 is grieving from the loss of their 'family', and should be dealt with in utmost sensitivity and empathy by staff.


Revision: 01/04/2017:

SCP-3053 is to be held on Site-33 indefinitely and not to be relocated to any other secure facility (see Addendum C-01).

Description: SCP-3053 is a young adult male human. It has the physiological appearance of a person aged between 18-22. DNA dating/testing was conducted at the [REDACTED] lab in Sweden1 Initial results returned errors. Having refined the test using [REDACTED] attained a result of SCP-3053 being roughly 0.6 years old. SCP-3053 refers himself as "Thomas Davies". No public records, birth-certificates, census records or private records to support their claims, exist. With no family, next of kin, DNA relatives, the Foundation has concluded SCP-3053 is a "Nonperson".

SCP-3053's medical records are now Nationally sensitive as of Site Director's revision - please provide credentials below:

SCP-3053 suffers from constant hallucinations and a form of Dissociative identity disorder (DID). According to SCP-3053: They are being stalked by an Inter-dimensional being. A resident of a parallel universe that overlaps our own.2

A defining trait of SCP-3053's abilities is that it will completely destroy, any building or artificial/man-made structure, SCP-3053 has previously occupied. This event will occur if SCP-3053 does not return to said location (referred to as SCP-3053-1 from now on) within exactly three months (3).

After this time duration SCP-3053 will often inform security "The bear" has left to make its way to SCP-3053-1:-

  • At a closing distance of 1,000 metres to SCP-3053-1, normal micro-tremors will increase on the Macroseismic scale (EMS-98)5 from a rating of 'I' to 'IV'.
  • Within a 500 metre radius this will register from 'V' to 'VIII'.
  • At 200 metres from SCP-3053-1 the force of SCP-3053's attack is at 'IX'.
  • For those occupying SCP-3053-1, the survival rate drops to 0% as "XII" intensity is recorded.
  • When SCP-3053 "attacks", what is physically destroying SCP-3053-1 is not seen via direct observation.6
  • This "assault" will continue until no recognizable trace of SCP-3053-1 remains. Any current occupants of SCP-3053-1, and subsequently any offspring bared, will cease to exist.

After SCP-3053 has accomplished this task, SCP-3053's powers are no longer felt by organisms. SCP-3053 usually announces "The bear" has returned to watch over him once again. As SCP-3053 never witnesses these incidents in person, it cannot testify which method(s) SCP-3053 employs to destroy SCP-3053-1 and erase all who reside within. Indeed, SCP-3053 repeatedly argues the destruction of visited sites is not of their own volition. Should SCP-3053 revisit SCP-3053-1 before this time period has elapsed, the 'countdown' will effectively reset.

Discovery: SCP-3053 was taken into custody on 26th December 2016. SCP-3053 had recently escaped NHS St Athan's mental hospital. Suffering from a nervous breakdown, SCP-3053 was previously admitted there after discovering what "The bear" had done to their entire family and next-of-kin when it came home from "Mid-Powys University"7 accommodation for half-term festive leave (semester of 2016). SCP-3053 was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. SCP-3053 later escaped, fleeing into the rural countryside. SCP-3053 was soon apprehended again, by local authorities. SCP-3053 claimed it was an attempt to lead "The bear" as far away from civilization as possible. The Foundation had become aware of anomalies in its record keeping, surrounding SCP-3053's movements and activities. Staff seized SCP-3053's medical file from the NHS St Athan's mental hospital, before its recent subsequent destruction at the hands of SCP-3053.

Addendum C-01: Update to Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3053's powers and behavior was not fully understood when it was first taken into custody to the nearest facility for processing. As Site-33 houses many Keter-class objects, it was deemed more appropriate that once SCP classification was given, that SCP-3053 would be transferred and sheltered at the suitably safer Sector-25 in ███████, England. Then the St Athan's mental hospital was destroyed by SCP-3053. Senior researchers realized that SCP-3053 now posed a very significant threat to Site-33 and the Site Director intervened. Staff were issued explicit orders that SCP-3053 is never to be relocated to at any other site. For the record: Site-33 shall not be dubbed SCP-3053-1.

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