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Item #: SCP-3046

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3046 is to be housed in a large warehouse off the coast of ████. The warehouse is to be secured by two (2) large reinforced doors each only openable by a key card of level two (2) or higher, and a large 25m x 25m x 25m perimeter fence line surrounding it secured by five (5) armed guards. The warehouse consists of the area where SCP-3046 is contained, which is to be decorated like a lightly forested jungle, and a large viewing room on the side of the warehouse which is protected by one way bullet resistant glass.

Description: SCP-3046 resembles the modern day depiction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, /(T-Rex)//.SCP-3046 has large jagged incisors each the size of a steak knife, a broad skull with a elongated snout, small arms incapable of being used, large muscular legs, brown scaly skin with large white feathers at the elbows, top of the skull, and backside of the knees, and a tail powerful enough when swung to knock down large trees.

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