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Item #: SCP-3028

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3028 itself is not hostile, it is to be contained in a small containment locker at Site-19. Experiments with SCP-3028 are to be performed within a standard containment chamber, exclusively with D-Class personnel, and are to be approved by Dr. Wages. In light of Incident 3028-1, all requests to use SCP-3028 are to be denied.

SCP-3028-1 are to be monitored for a period of one week, then returned to active duty.

Description: SCP-3028 is a stuffed orange-brown pig, colored with black spots. SCP-3028 exhibits no anomalous properties unless handled by a human being. Maintaining physical contact with SCP-3028 will cause the human to fall asleep within seconds of exposure, regardless of their previous mental state.1 Once unconscious, the subject will immediately transition into uninterruptible REM sleep, and are thereby designated SCP-3028-1. While unconscious, auditory hallucinations have been reported by observing staff. These sounds can be recorded, though no discernible source has been identified.

Eventually, SCP-3028-1 will awaken. All subjects to date report having a lucid dream of a varying, yet positive, nature. SCP-3028-1 instances always report positive changes in mood once awake, regardless of the actual dream,2 and may request to be exposed to SCP-3028 a second time. After one week, these effects will fade.

Addendum 3028-1: On June 7th, 2014, Agent Blackford requested use of SCP-3028. She had recently been exhibiting signs of depression, and wished to alleviate her symptoms. Agent Blackford had previously been assigned to SCP-106, but requested transfer to SCP-3028 following the death of her partner, Agent Burns. Under the supervision of Dr. Wages, she participated in a sleep therapy session with SCP-3028, and fell unconscious. Eight hours later, she awoke, and immediately requested an interview with Dr. Wages. Of note, no auditory hallucination was reported by staff members post-session.

Interview 3028-1:

Interviewed: Agent Blackford

Interviewer: Dr. Wages

Foreword: Agent Blackford had, up to this point in time, spent the past 17 years of her career with the Foundation, expressing nothing but complete loyalty. Her credentials include the handling of multiple Euclid and Keter-class SCPs, commanding two separate raids on suspected Broken God sites, and the capture and containment of SCP-████.

<Begin Video Log, June 7th, 2014, 1954 hrs>

Wages: Can I get you anything? Water? Beer?

Blackford: (laughter) You always were an egghead, Doc. I'm going to miss you.

Wages: Miss me?

Blackford: I'm not going to lie to you. My time here at the Foundation is something I'll hold value to for the rest of my days. But, at the same time, I wonder if it is something to be proud of.

Wages: I'm afraid I don't understand. You've always been proud of your work. What brought this sudden change in attitude?

Blackford: I had a dream, Doc. I saw my family, my brother, my niece. Did you know I haven't seen them in almost 10 years? How could I, what with all these skips to handle. Sure, there's letters, but…

Wages: What were you doing in your dream?

Blackford: We're having a dinner at my brother Ian's place. I know, cliche right? I had been granted medical leave after sustaining a gunshot wound. Not exactly a pleasant memory. Regardless, it felt right. Ian was talking about dealing with shitty customers at the shop. Ellie was worried about passing Math and the usual puberty troubles. Kids, am I right?

(She smiles)

No eldritch abominations to worry about, no rookie Agents to train, just my family and me. It felt right. There wasn't a problem in the world. I had something to come home to. Something of value, something that could reciprocate that value. The Foundation might as well have not existed. That is, until I got that phone call.

Wages: Blackford-

Blackford: It was you, Doc. Clear as day. You had my credentials, and said you were impressed with my work at the Bureau. Then-

Wages: Then I offered you a job, you accepted it, swore an oath of secrecy, and the rest is history.

Blackford: Not this time. In my dream, I told you to fuck off and never call me back. I was happy.

Wages: I don't believe that. The dream you had was a product of SCP-3028. It was telling you exactly what you wanted to hear. Classic confirm-

Blackford: (shouting) Easy for you to say! You sit behind a desk handling paper work. You've haven't been out in the field, dealing with creatures that could kill you in the blink of an eye, or fucking indestructible lizards. Do you know what it is like to see a man have his skull crushed beneath the jaws of a giant? Can you imagine what it is like to see a compatriot vanish before your very eyes after going down a slide? Can you even fathom the thought of your best friend, lost and alone, being toyed with by that fucking…monster. What the fuck am I supposed to be proud of?

She begins to cry, while Dr. Wages looks on. 10 minutes pass until Blackford manages to control herself.

Wages: I… I'm sorry. No, I couldn't possibly understand. But you must know, Burns' sacrifice was for the greater good.

Blackford: "Greater good" my ass. What good is it if most of humanity isn't even aware of it? Who the hell are we to speak of the greater good?

Wages: (sighs) I know you didn't call me because you wished to talk philosophy. Why are you really here?

Blackford: I just want this to end.

<End Log, [June 7th, 2014, 2036 hrs]>

Closing Statement: Following the interview, Agent Blackford was escorted to her quarters. She offered no resistance to the escorting guards. The following morning, Dr. Wages visted Agent Blackford's quarters, finding her absent. A search of Site-19 revealed no evidence to the means of her escape. It is currently unknown how Agent Blackford managed to leave Site-19 without triggering the security system. She is hereby classified as PoI-3028/1, and is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Addendum 3028-2:

What happened to Agent Blackford is tragic, there's no doubt about it. We lost a valuable agent, and I hope she is at peace, wherever she is. But let this be a lesson to the rest of you. Any anomaly, no matter how innocuous it may appear, still contains an element of danger. Agent Blackford knew the risks, and despite the alternative of antidepressants, took the far more dangerous route. Remember, above all else, that our goal holds higher precedence than our personal feelings.

Secure. Contain. Protect.
-Dr. Wages

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