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Item #: SCP-3009

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3009 is to be contained in a standard holding cell measuring 10m x 4m x 10m at Site-17. Testing on SCP-3009 is open to all personnel with prior clearance. SCP-3009 is to be powered off when testing is not taking place. Prizes produced by SCP-3009 are to be described, photographed, then stored, with documents about prizes stored in filing cabinets organized by their point values.

Description: SCP-3009 is a "Dunk 'N Alien™" model Skee-Ball machine manufactured by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, Inc. SCP-3009 operates as a standard Skee-Ball machine of its make and model, with the exception of a lack of dispensed tickets. Instead, a prize based on the player's score is dispensed from a large "Prize Port" installed to SCP-3009's side. The source of SCP-3009's prizes is unknown, as the inside of the "Prize Port" is sealed until a prize is dispensed, and no storage area for prizes has been found when SCP-3009 is disassembled.

SCP-3009 is also host to SCP-3009-1, a sapient entity composed of plastic and various metals in the likeness of a mechanical alien. SCP-3009-1 exhibits an often unpleasant personality towards players, and will attempt to convince people to play a game on SCP-3009. Once play is initiated, SCP-3009-1 will cease communication with the player until their prize has been dispensed. Most of SCP-3009's speech amounts to insults, but it will congratulate the player if they get a high enough score or manage to dunk SCP-3009-1 by hitting the moving target present in both SCP-3009 and standard "Dunk 'N Alien™" machines.

A game can be activated on SCP-3009 by inserting 50 cents. SCP-3009 takes only US quarters as acceptable payment. SCP-3009 and SCP-3009-1 enter a dormant state when not powered, making containment fairly easy. SCP-3009 is only to be played in testing sanctioned by level 3 personnel or above (see Experiment Log 183).

SCP-3009 was recovered at an arcade inside the ███████ Boardwalk, where numerous complaints were being filed over a "rude" Skee-Ball machine. SCP-3009 was put into Foundation custody under the guise of routine maintenance. A standard model of a "Dunk 'N Alien™" machine was sent in to replace SCP-3009.


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