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Item #:SCP-2893

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: the area in which SCP-2893 is located is to be closed off at all times from the public. Trespassers are to be shot on sight. No personnel level 2 or lower are aloud near or in the field without permission from staff of level 3 or higher. Personnel are to be supervised at all cost to prevent possible fatalities.
Description: SCP-2893 is an unknown species of flower. The petals are a light purple with a dark green petal-less stem. In the middle of the flower is a light pink bud. Multiple personnel and D-class subjects report the scent of the flower to be highly arousing. Scents vary from subject to subject. Some scents include:

•Freshly ground coffee

Though the flowers are not visually anomalous, effects occur when a subject inhales the scent from 3 ft away, nasally or orally, as the flowers produce a chemical that is dangerous when inhaled at said distance or closer. When inhaled, the subject will experience intense drowsiness, and in rare cases, inability to move. approximately 1-2 minutes after inhaling the chemicals, the subject will lay down stating that they feel tired, and enter a comatose state. However, at times, this can be resisted with effort. The subjects are hereby designated as SCP-2893-1. No means of awakening the subject have proven successful. When the subject lies down in the flowers, the ground appears to pull the subject underneath. Attempts to pull the subject out of the ground during this process have proved unsuccessful. When the subject is fully submerged. The buds in the center of the flower turn to a light red color. Attempts to penetrate the dirt in which the flowers are planted are unsuccessful, which makes further study as well as recovering of the body's difficult. SCP-2893 was discovered after a mass of disappearances were reported in [EXPUNGED]. The foundation then took action and sent a Mobile task force (MTF) in for investigation. When the unit did not respond, 2 more MTF units were sent in, The second equipped with gas masks. The foundation closed off the area after discovery of its anomalous properties were reported.

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