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Item #: SCP–2873

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Shutters barring the entrances to SCP-2873 are to be checked once a month by Foundation personnel under the guise of workmen from the building’s adjacent office complex, between the hours of 2:00-5:00AM. Several Foundation front companies currently maintain joint-ownership of both properties. Furthermore, all entrances are to be monitored by Closed Circuit Television Cameras at all times.

Attempted intrusions into the building from non-front entrances are to be halted by Foundation agents embedded in the New York City Police Department, and standard legal-procedures observed. Intrusions into the building originating from the front entrance are to be ignored except if permission is granted by Project Director Dufton to mobilise Task Force NYC-9 (“Choir Boys”). The outer barricades of the building are then to be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

Description: SCP-2873 is an unused and dilapidated three-story theatre complex located in Manhattan, New York.

SCP-2873’s spatially anomalous properties manifest when a subject enters the building from the front entrance only. Subjects enter into a well-maintained foyer area, before being prompted to purchase tickets for SCP-2873’s current performance by an instance of SCP-2873-1. Said spatial anomalies do not manifest if the building is entered in any other way, with alternate entrances leading to the building in its non-anomalous dilapidated state. If a ticket is purchased, subjects may then proceed into the main viewing area and watch the advertised show. There are no intermissions during any of SCP-2873’s performances and all exits will be blocked by instances of SCP-2873-1 until after the performance has concluded.

SCP-2873-1 instances are humanoid entities that perform various roles crucial to the functioning of the SCP, uniformly appearing as Caucasian males wearing Greek “comedy” masks. SCP-2873-1 instances act as “front-of-house” staff, stage-hands and notably, security. When needed, SCP-2873-1 entities can emerge from any number of areas marked “cast and crew only” within the complex, which non SCP-2873-1 individuals are barred from entering by an unknown force. Furthermore, there appears to be no limit to the number of SCP-2873-1 instances that can manifest at any given time. If any attempt is made by an audience member to interrupt or leave an SCP-2873 performance, SCP-2873-1 instances will forcibly restrain said individual in their seats for the remainder of the performance.

SCP-2873’s primary anomalous effects manifest following a viewing of a performance. Following the viewing, subjects will experience noticeable changes to their physical abilities and personalities, bringing them in line with those of the character that they preferred subconsciously identified with most during the performance. Physical changes have so far included, but are not limited to: the development of new accents, the acquisition of new skills, the onset of physical ailments and a general increase in singing and/or acting ability. Conversely, mental and psychological changes have so far included the development of new phobias, the onset of a range of mental illnesses, intellectual progression/regression relating to a character’s age or profession and the acquisition of new memories consistent with the events of the character’s corresponding plotline.

These changes will occur steadily over an extended period of time, with no plateau having yet been reached, and appear to be permanent. However, the changes can be overwritten if an individual identifies with a second, “opposite” character in another SCP-2873 performance, as demonstrated by test 2873-D below. Particularly of note is the autonomy subjects retain over their prior memories and physical abilities, with the effects of SCP-2873 appearing in addition to them, rather than replacing them altogether. However, subjects are unable to recall where new memories “fit in” with their original memories, only remembering the events themselves and never the context or time period.

Discovery: Prior to its closure, SCP-2873 functioned as a moderately successful professional theatre complex and was often considered a rival to similar, more popular establishments on nearby Broadway. The complex was closed in the mid-80s, and lay abandoned before coming under Foundation control in the early 2000s. The establishment first came to the attention of the Foundation after local NYPD officers, suspecting the building was being utilised as a squatter settlement by the homeless, conducted a raid on the █/██/2002. Upon entering, they discovered a performance of the musical: “Cats” in full swing, and promptly attempted to empty the building of its inhabitants. They were then met by over a dozen instances of SCP-2873-1, and were removed from the building by force. By chance, a member of this unit happened to be a locally embedded field agent, who quickly brought the incident to the Foundation’s attention. Personnel from the nearby Site-28 were then sent to investigate, with the anomaly receiving SCP classification soon after.

Addendum 1-A: Test Logs Below is an overview of all tests that have currently been performed on SCP-2873:

Test Performance Character Identified Results
Test 2873-A We Will Rock You N/A Subject was instructed to purchase a ticket and take a seat whilst wearing hidden recording devices on his person. However, upon entering the theatre itself, a disembodied voice with a British accent was reported to speak the words: “Cameras and other recording devices are strictly forbidden”. All recording equipment then immediately failed, and D-9622 was forcibly removed from the premises by several instances of SCP-2873-1.
Test 2873-B Les Misérables Jean Valjean Subject specifically reported identifying with the imprisoned Valjean at the start of the musical. By the fourth month following the performance, subject had demonstrated a 22% increase in lifting strength. Subject had also begun to voice an intent to start anew and “see the new world” following a release from Foundation custody he saw as imminent. Subject perished during the testing of an unrelated SCP five months later.
Test 2873-C The Starlight Express (Based on D-19724’s reports, the original 1984 London version as opposed to the more family-friendly 1987 Broadway iteration) Rusty, although D-19724 was later hypothesized to have in fact identified more closely with the character of Greaseball. Although progress was slow in the first three months following the performance, by the fourth month the subject had demonstrated an exponential increase in vanity, charisma and temper, leading to doubts of D-19724’s reports given the nature of the character of “Rusty”. D-19724 was initially believed to have fabricated his reports of identifying with “Rusty”, but is now believed to have truly identified with the character out of self-pity over his imprisonment, but simply identified more so with the vain and outgoing character of “Greaseball” subconsciously, perhaps without realising it. This raises important questions concerning the reliability of future test data.
Test 2873-D Matilda the Musical/Disney on Ice Miss Trunchbull/Unknown Subject had been convicted of seven counts of aggravated assault prior to his transference into Foundation custody. By the fifth month following the performance, D-22904 had demonstrated a visible increase in irritability and restlessness, along with a general disdain towards children when exposed to footage containing them, verifying the subject’s reports. Fearing the potential consequences of allowing these changes to develop further, the exposure of D-22904 to a second performance of SCP-2873 was approved by Project Director Dufton, in order to test if the anomalous effects of identification with a character could be neutralised by exposure to characters possessing “opposing” personality traits. The anomalous interior of SCP-2873 was then monitored heavily by Foundation agents over a fortnight, until a suitable performance arose. Subject was then exposed to a performance of the family musical: “Disney on Ice”. When interviewed following the performance, subject maintained that he had not identified strongly with any character. However, in the weeks following the interview, the aggression and irritation previously demonstrated by the subject was noted to have sharply decreased. This has led to the current theory that all viewings of an SCP-2873 performance will result in change, irrespective of an individual’s affinity or lack of towards its characters, with one character always taking a subconscious precedence over the others. It also confirms the theory that the effects of a performance can be negated or “overwritten” by the characters of a second performance. Testing involving two or more viewings of performances with the same or similar characters is pending approval.
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