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Item #: SCP-2871

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2871 is to be contained in Area ███ locked, only able to be open up by SCP-███. All personnel is allowed to be tested in SCP-2871, as long as given permission from O5. The personnel is allowed to enter any room inside SCP-2871, as long as the personnel has an audio headset for communication, and a camcorder with them.

SCP-2871 is to be contained in Area ███ locked, with 5 agents guarding the containment cell at all times. No testing is allowed due to Exploration █. If disobeyed, then execution of SCP-2871-2 will be required. To prevent subjects from becoming SCP-2871-2, if SCP-2871-1 does exit SCP-2871, and kills SCP-2871-2, then any person(s) that attack SCP-2871-1 will also require to be executed. Only Level 3 and higher can enter SCP-2871's containment chamber.

Description: SCP-2871 is a door that is 2.5m in height, and 1m in width. Entering the door will lead to an endless hallway with decorated carpets for flooring, along with decorated walls, however the flooring and walls appear to have dust, graffiti, and rust on them, and the decorated wallpaper for the wall is torn up. SCP-2871 has rooms every 2m on both sides of the walls. SCP-2871 does not appear to be a threat, and will just continue leading down a endless hallway.

SCP-2871 contains a humanoid female, otherwise known as SCP-2871-1, and will appear to the test subject around 300m inside the hallway, and will continue following the subject, now otherwise known as SCP-2871-2, until the subject dies, then will return back inside SCP-2871. Any person(s) that attack SCP-2871-1 after killing SCP-2871-2 will end up become SCP-2871-2 also. Even if SCP-2871-2 makes a fatal attack on SCP-2871-1, SCP-2871-1 will still appear to be alive despite any fatal wound.

SCP-2871 has gone through four video recorded explorations by Class-D personnel, the first three explorations seem to have no threat attacking the personnel, however, the next and last two explorations, ended up with the subject dying, due to passing the 300m point, after the fourth exploration, which is the [REDACTED] exploration, soon as the personnel was killed by SCP-2871-1, that is when it was decided that reclassification from Safe to Euclid was required. Watching any of the video tapes of SCP-2871's exploration will result with the subject dying from asthma █ weeks after watching the tape, therefore making all exploration tapes of SCP-2871, SCP-2871-3.

SCP-2871 was discovered in 19██ by [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] brought SCP-2871 to the SCP Foundation after discovery, and told the foundation that the door appeared to be no threat. ██ years later, after watching Exploration V, [REDACTED] suddenly died from asthma █ weeks later.

██ weeks after [REDACTED], all guards that executed SCP-2871-2 ended up dying from a heart attack. Request to allow further testing has been denied.

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