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Item #: SCP-2856

Object Class: Safe Euclid


A Canopic jar with a carved lid resembling a jackal, similar in appearance to SCP-2856.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2856 is to be stored on a meter-high pedestal inside of a room fifteen meters square located at Site-██. SCP-2856-1's size is to be regularly measured by on-site researchers. The room is to be soundproofed and airtight. No sources of light are permitted in the room containing SCP-2856. Once a week, the room is to be inspected for cracks that light can shine through. Any flaws in the air-tightness or structural integrity, no matter how minimal, are to be reported to the on-site supervisor.

Instances of SCP-2856-3 are to be contained in a standard locker on-site. All instances of SCP-2856-4 contained within are not to be interacted with by personnel under any circumstance.

Any instances of SCP-2856-2 sighted is to be reported to the on-site supervisor immediately, and containment breach protocols are to be in effect as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-2856 appears as a Canopic jar estimated to be created during the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt1 with a carved lid depicting a jackal's head, representing the god Duamutef. Visual estimates place the height of the jar at approximately 44 centimeters, with an assumed radius of 9 centimeters. The exact dimensions and form of SCP-2856 are currently indeterminable.

SCP-2856 generates an anomalous field in the shape of a sphere with a radius of approximately five 5.6 meters, hereby designated as SCP-2856-1. Objects that enter the field, including sound and light waves, appear to lose momentum and freeze in time.

Unless a force aside from gravitational acceleration is applied to an object within the boundaries of SCP-2856-1, movement of the object will cease. For all intents and purposes, it is frozen in time. Objects within the confines of SCP-2856-1 can be retrieved using a lengthy grabber, pole with a hook, or other retrieval device, so long as it receives force from outside of SCP-2856-1. In addition, light particles, sound waves, and other energies have been found to stop on the boundary of SCP-2856-1; it is believed that the image of SCP-2856 that is seen in the present time is the gathering of light rays from when SCP-2856 manifested its anomalous properties.

SCP-2856-2 is a creature of unknown form. Any anomalous entities in the containment area are to be reported and contained following standard procedure.

SCP-2856-3 and SCP-2856-4 refer to anomalously created Canopic and their contents, respectively. Any instances found are to be cataloged and stored according to containment procedure.

SCP-2856 was discovered by Doctor A█████ H████████ and his team of archaeologists on ██/██/71. News of the discovery was transmitted to Agent ████████, a locally embedded Foundation operative who was following news of anomalous discoveries. Doctor H████████ was brought to [REDACTED] for interview after he refused to comply with Foundation questioning. The truth-serum ████████████████ was administered.

Addendum 2856-A: - Interview with Doctor H████████

Afterwards, Class-B amnestics were administered to Doctor H████████, and Class-C amnestics were administered to his team.

Addendum 2856-B: Inscription viewed on the back of SCP-2856

An inscription on the back of SCP-2856 was discovered during visual survey of the object, and using a magnifier, researchers were able to read and translate the inscription from Hieroglyphs. The translated inscription follows.

"I give you the Universe; all you need give me is faith."

Addendum 2856-C: List of objects retrieved from original location of SCP-2856

The following is a list of items gathered from (to the extent of the Foundation's knowledge) the original location of SCP-2856 and SCP-2856-1.

Item Quantity Description Condition
Sarcophagus 1 An ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, dated to the 18th dynasty. Quality of object suggests it belonged to a lesser noble. Very poor
Shards of pottery 52 Shards of ancient pottery of varying shapes and sizes dated to the 18th dynasty. Poor
Canopic jars 3 The other canopic jars in the standard set of four with SCP-2856, with carved lids depicting Hapi, Imsety, and Qebehsenuef respectively. Excellent
Model boat 2 Ancient models of boats that used to sail on the Nile. Ancient Egyptians believed that models like these would help guide the deceased to the afterlife. Mostly made of wood, with some fabric and gold composing rigging and ornaments. Fair
Chair 1 A sturdy wooden chair with gold leaf applied to patterns carved into the wood. Poor
Human remains 1 Mummified remains found within the sarcophagus. On its person were many gold amulets. Excellent

None of the items were found to be anomalous during testing. All items were donated to the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, located in Cairo, Egypt. Items are under surveillance by Foundation agents to ensure containment in the event that one of the items develops an anomalous trait.

Addendum 2856-D: Experimentation Logs

Addendum 2856-E: Correspondence between Foundation Researchers

The latter had attached to it one encrypted document.


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