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Item #: SCP-2786

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2786 is held in a 10 x 10 x 8 m climate-controlled containment chamber in the Area-12 Parazoology Department. The atmosphere is to be kept between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius during daytime hours, with 70% humidity. Foliage in the containment chamber is cultivated from flora native to SCP-2786's original habitat. A recirculating water feature, simulating a stream, forms a border around the forested section of the enclosure, with 1 cm stainless steel mesh screening at both entry points. This water feature is to be kept stocked with fish. A weekly ration of 10 kg of red meat is to be provided, and can be revoked in response to unwanted behavior, to be determined by the lead researcher.

Personnel must enter the containment chamber in groups of no fewer than three individuals. Each group member is to be armed with standard-issue stun weapons. One group member will also be provided a metronome or other audible rhythm device to synchronize blinking and maximize uninterrupted visual contact.

Update: As of 14/05/2012, one team member will be provided a head-mounted video helmet while in SCP-2786's enclosure, to minimize the need for manual blinking.

Description: SCP-2786 is an organism, 2.8 m high, physiologically similar to members of the Bufonidae family. Deviations apart from size include shortened hind legs unsuitable for leaping, large, blunt teeth, a non-extendable tongue, and forward-set eyes. SCP-2786 possesses rudimentary intelligence and understands human speech, though it can only produce guttural sounds.

SCP-2786 cannot be seen by the unaided eye save as an afterimage when the eye closes. This phenomenon does not affect photography or video recording.

SCP-2786 is generally sedentary, displaying little interest in exploring its enclosure, becoming active only to hunt. Though fish are generally unaware of its presence, making them easy prey, SCP-2786 shows a marked reluctance to consume them, with a preference for red meat. It is aware of its anomalous nature, and displays prideful behavior when its nature is mentioned. Psychological profiling suggests this narcissism is a useful tool in its continued containment.

SCP-2786 came to the Foundation's attention after the Louisiana National Park Service reported unexplained casualties while tracking the source of fish depopulation in Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. SCP-2786's movements were traceable via depletion of wetland fish stocks.

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