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Item #: SCP-2767

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2767 is stored on a formatted 2GB USB flash drive and is to be kept in a secure containment unit within the audio archive of Site-15.

Foundation-operated web analysis bot Kappa-28 (“FIREQUENCH”) is programmed to continually search a range of video and file-sharing sites for any copies of SCP-2767 and to promptly remove them. Any detected uploads and downloads of the file are to be intercepted and aborted, and the file is to be traced to its origin for deletion and the administration of Class-A amnestics to any affected individuals. The deletion of all instances of SCP-2767 is considered a Gamma-Level priority.

Description: SCP-2767 is a .wav format audio file named "fire", containing an anomalous version of the 1989 Billy Joel song "We Didn’t Start the Fire" with alternate lyrics. The song's vocals bear a strong resemblance to those of Billy Joel, despite no record of the artist having produced such a version of the single.

The lyrics of SCP-2767, which are sung in a similar rapid fashion to the original song, are largely cryptic in nature, with lines known to contain numbers, names of places and people, unknown incidents and short, ambiguous phrases. Although many of the names have been recognised as popular figures in public news and media, there is no record of the majority of the described incidents having occurred. From analysis through D-Class testing, the Foundation believes these lyrics to reference and accurately predict future events (see Analysis Log for examples).

Another notable aspect of SCP-2767’s properties is that subjects report widely varying interpretations of the song’s final fifth verse. Upon reaching 03:14 the lyrics begin to reference a number of experiences that will later become significant to the listener. The final line, which is shouted at high volume, has been proven to refer to the manner in which the listener will eventually die. Research is underway into whether listening to SCP-2767 causes these future events to occur, or if it simply predicts them.

Listening to SCP-2767 produces varying degrees of mental distress in D-Class subjects. The majority become fearful and convinced that the final verse is an accurate prediction of their future and death, which to date has manifested in those of a more unstable mentality. All subjects also express a strong compulsion to distribute the file.

Discovery: SCP-2767 was discovered following a routine surveillance check of recent web uploads. A video named "fire" was found to have been uploaded to the popular video website YouTube on 08/03/201█. Its content consisted of the audio track playing over a black background, while the video's description made several references to the lyrical content of the song, namely the third verse which caught the Foundation's attention. The video had been viewed ██ times at the time of its removal. The audio file1 used in the video was obtained by the Foundation after tracing the upload to the home of ███ ███████, a 25-year-old Caucasian male living in █████████, WI.

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