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SCP-2743-01 (Anastasia Nikolaevna, c. 1918)

Item #: SCP-2743

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An instance of SCP-2743 is to be confined in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-998. Routine clinical assessment and treatment for the instance's trauma are to be maintained with the main objective of limiting possible self-harm. Post-mortem, MTF Kappa-60 ("Praporshchik Protectorate") is to capture and secure a new SCP-2743 instance following FIREBIRD events. Pre-mortem, they are to guard the current instance's cell against possible termination attempts.

I/O HUSSERL is a neural network tasked with logging reality shifts specific to SCP-2743 instances into DEEPWELL databases, which it will use to predict future FIREBIRD events.

Due to the Messier 45 star cluster's proximity to Earth, fabricating the appearance of 23 Tau as a global disguise is impossible. Project PASSION-BEARER was devised to oversee the containment of non-mainstream articles, star maps, visual and audio media sources, and manuscripts belonging to PoI-2743, The Tale of Contemporary Medicine (translated from Russian). To this end, MTF Kappa-60 is to concentrate on retrieval expeditions and subsequent misinformation campaigns. D-class are to be assigned to observe an image of 23 Tau daily.

PASSION-BEARER personnel must monitor the encrypted emails and confidential telecommunications of space agencies for sightings of an SCP-2743 instance and associated narratives.

Description: SCP-2743 instances are simulacra1 which manifest via observation of the star Merope. Only one instance may exist at a given time. Within its lifespan, an instance involuntarily gains personhood, unique to the current iteration: the culmination of an instance's personality, experiences, and background are determined by its recollection of memories. Memories are derived from the last-known observer triggering a FIREBIRD event, though memories from previous iterations of itself have also occasionally surfaced.

Common attributes for SCP-2743 instances are:

  • feminine figure.
  • characteristics dependent on beauty standards (based on the local environment, people, and culture), such as:
    • heavy foundation and face powder.
    • wide chest and hips.
    • modest chest and height.
    • foot-binding.
    • heart-shaped face.
    • crooked teeth.
  • appropriate attire.
  • blue-white luminous skin, exerting approximately 400-1,000 lumens.
  • aged 17-20.

Sightings of SCP-2743 instances have experienced a sharp rise since the October Revolution in 1918.2 Prior to this, an instance would near-universally omit the traumatic memories and characteristics of its previous personifications.

DEEPWELL anchors3 indicate that SCP-2743 instances have been terminated multiple times throughout history, correlating in CK-class restructuring events that recontextualize its existence as an individual known either for:

  1. their appearance and notoriety in history.
  2. the unresolved circumstances that led to the individual's death.
  3. conflicting narratives on where an instance's remains are.4
  4. any combination of the aforementioned.

Without exception, each instance's death leads to mass social upheaval. As a result, contextually appropriate animosity and opposing biases amongst the local populace are exhibited in the ensuing protests or revolution.

FIREBIRD Event Process

Upon an SCP-2743 instance's death, a series of processes will lead to reformation:

  1. A vector of space will be chosen matching the following parameters:
    • It will be the last location where a person has observed Merope (through direct sight, images, or videos).
    • Should multiple people view the star concurrently, locations experiencing widespread social strife,5 radicalization, terrorism, starvation, and economic depression are prioritized.
  2. After a span of three days, ephemeral blue-white light will visibly be concentrated onto the vector from 23 Tau, which appears as doves and knives, conglomerated as chain links. NOTE: 23 Tau itself does not exhibit anomalous properties. Satellite snapshots indicate the light is derived from portions of the atmosphere where the star is visible. Mist comprised of helium, silicon, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen are funneled through the light onto the vector.
  3. Approximately 12m2 of mist will amass within this vector for a period of several days. Invariably, these chemical clouds will start compressing until the mass reaches 1ng/cm3 in density.
  4. After several days, a widespread explosion will occur from these assembled gases, and a new instance of SCP-2743 will manifest.

The current instance of SCP-2743 was acquired by MTF Kappa-60 following a forest fire occurring in Butte County, California. Associated files alluding to its nature were logged 55 years earlier (see Addendum 2743.1).

FB-INCIDENT (23 November 2018): Journal entry

Gradually, our gulch would be engulfed, consumed by the traveling forest fire roaring down the mountain-side. By leaps and bounds from tree-to-tree, the whole neighborhood was burned down to the ground. The wind swept up a veritable fury, but peculiarly, I noticed an odd outline; a blue silhouette. I yelled at her from the back of my pickup truck as we fled past the Home Depot. These fires united in less time than what was forecasted, and rolled down more hill-passes, avenues, concrete streets, and creeks, rippling over the brush and grass, then bursting into the night like red-orange towers.

But that wasn't the crazy thing, that was just nature being nature. The crazy thing was that I swear to the Lord, the silhouette was crying like a panicking deer. It lasted throughout the night, far away from where we used to live.

Addendum 2743.1 — Initial Documentation

On 15 January 1936, an early prototype DEEPWELL database server6 had spontaneously suffered fire damage consistent with FIREBIRD events. Digital forensics teams recovered three entries regarding the GRU "P"7 from the remaining components. No mainstream historical account surfaced to corroborate these entries.

Addendum 2743.2 — BACKGROUNDS & ANCHORS

Below are three notable incidents with DEEPWELL anchors associated with a previously altered timeline. These come in the form of footage and transcription.

Incident-03: Jane Smith
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date: 26 July 1924
Items Retrieved:

  • .45 caliber revolver.
  • .45 round.
  • silk nightdress with considerable fire damage.
  • cadaver of police constable with significant fire damage.

Summary: A Chinese houseboy known for his attraction with the instance was tortured by members of the Ku Klux Klan after a salacious news article was released, implicating him. Standard disinformation and amnesticization campaigns ensued after a widespread racial conflict between residents arose.

Incident-06: Cecylia Ciszek
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: 21 July 1968
Items Retrieved:

  • severely damaged vehicle.
  • album vinyl with significant fire damage.
  • scheduling notebook with significant fire damage.
  • several partially-cremated cadavers wearing burnt mini-skirts, go-go boots, and feather boas.
  • damaged guitar, drumset, and microphone.
  • intoxicants: diazepam,9 crystal meth, LSD, marijuana, and alcohol.

Summary: The instance's mysterious absence from the crime-scene — in addition with her allegiance with communist dissidents and affiliation with Polish Jews — sparked public outrage. This, in culmination with other negative social factors at the time, precipitated mass student riots. Protestors from the University of Warsaw would spread the narrative that the band's Pro-Marxist agenda was silenced by members of the ruling party.

Incident-08: Huang Qingling
Location: Tiananmen Square, China
Date: 17 April 1989
Items Retrieved:

  • kitchen utensils: knife, chopsticks, and cutting board.
  • rice bowls.
  • folding plastic lawn chair and table.
  • Chinese rendition of a German Mauser pistol.
  • 12 7.63×25mm rounds.
  • karaoke microphone.
  • multiple cadavers with third-degree burns (cause of death uncertain).

Summary: Chinese officials have refused to release further information and the "China Social University" was erased from public records.

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