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Item #: SCP-2629

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Containment procedures regarding SCP-2629 must be followed by the specified foundation manual at all times. Failure to follow containment procedures may result in major injury or death.

SCP-2629 must be contained in a chamber that measures ten metres squared in area at the most. The chamber must be insulated with at least six (6) inches of rubber material. Foundation personnel should avoid physical contact with SCP-2629, because of the danger that may follow.
SCP-2629's chamber must be kept closed under lock at all times, and should the chamber lock be disengaged, SCP-2629 should be neutralized and relocated.
If foundation personnel should make physical contact with SCP-2629's tailored suit, the afflicted personnel should be transported to a quarantined medical wing immediately and kept under solitary lockdown.


SCP-2629 is a biped Victorian-era suit similar to that of a human. It behaves similar to a human living in the Victorian era.
The visual aspect of SCP-2529 is as follows: Victorian-era blue suede suit complete with a crimson-red vest and white dress shirt. Blue suede pants and black leather dress shoes. SCP-2629 stands at an approximate full height of 6'5" and possesses inhuman strength, even with its lack of human appendages.
Prior to containment, SCP-2629 was located in Minsk, Belarus, at the murder scene of an anonymous civilian. SCP-2629 was ignored by police, resulting in the death or disappearance of five police officers who had been at the scene of the crime and made contact with SCP-2629's fabric.
A survivor of physical contact, officer of 9 years, Jack Williams, reports the following of the attempted murder.

Interviewed: Jack Williams, Police Detective

Interviewer: Dr. Buscheyzk, Foundation

Foreword: N/A

<Begin Log, 3:18 PM>

Buschezyk: Please summarize the events in which SCP-2629 attempted to assault you and your family.

Williams: The first few days, it was calm. I didn't realise I was being followed. The entire day. After the fifth day in the week after I investigated the crime scene, I noticed one person in every location I visited that was acting strange.

Buschezyk: I assume that SCP-2629 took the form of a human, subsequently causing the disappearance of that human.

Williams: Yes, yes. I investigated seven other disappearance cases that week. No murders whatsoever, just a spike of disappearances. After the fifth day, I started hearing sounds in my house. Bangs and cracks. I dismissed it as 'the house settling.'

Buschezyk: What occurred afterward?

Williams: Afterward, on the first night of the second week after I investigated the crime scene, I began hearing whistling in the house at night, but not only at night. It happened in the day, too. My wife Christine described a situation where she was at home early from her work, and she began to hear whistling from the basement while she was washing the dishes.

Williams: At 11:54 PM the next night, I awoke and went downstairs to the kitchen for some water. Once I had cleared the stairs, I looked towards the door. There was a dark shadow outside of the door, a gap in the light that should have been produced by our lamp.

Williams: I walked to the door to check it out. I peered through the window, and the gap in the light disappeared. I brushed it off as my eye playing tricks on me and got myself a glass of water. When I turned around, I nearly dropped the glass as I noticed the suit in my hallway. It was facing me.

Buschezyk: At this point, you did what?

Williams: I took a single step back into my counter, and reached for the knife drawer. I grabbed a kitchen knife and held it in front of me. I knew how to use it, but this thing was just too fast. It bolted towards me, and I was horrified. It had no head, or hands, or feet. Just the clothing. It knocked the weapon from my hand and shoved its missing hand into my sternum. I heard a crack, and I was unconscious. When I woke up, your team was there to extract.

<End Log, 3:24 PM>

Closing Statement: Detective Williams and his wife were terminated for knowledge of SCP-2629 and its behaviors.

The recovery team entered the Detective's house to secure SCP-2629, after an anonymous tip from a civilian, who was also later terminated.

The recovery team leader's interview follows:

Interviewed: Marcus Vilhall, Mobile Task Force, Unit Beta-7

Interviewer: ███████████████

Foreword: Interviewed subject proceeded to act strange during interview.

<Begin Log, 5:41 PM>

Interviewer: Explain to me what occurred when you and your team proceeded to recover SCP-2629.

Vilhall: We breached into the house, safeties off. We were ready to neutralize it when we saw it dormant on a coat rack by the door. We transported it, carrying it with a transportation device similar to a medical stretcher into the transportation vehicle. That was when they started acting strange.

Interviewer: Strange how?

Vilhall: One man, who had fumbled with the coat rack and had made accidental physical contact with SCP-2629 started to attempt to take SCP-2629 off of the coat rack. Four other men restrained him and placed him inside a secure compartment beside four personnel under close watch. He proceeded to reach over the back seat of the ex-fil vehicle, opening the case in which SCP-2629 was contained. The four personnel didn't seem to care. By the time he had extracted SCP-2629 from the containment case, the four personnel were unconscious in their seats. The man proceeded to place SCP-2629 over his uniform and gear. This is when things started to go wrong. The man grabbed at our driver through the back of his seat. He wrapped his hands around the driver's neck and pulled. He pulled harder than anything I've ever seen before.
Vilhall proceeds to release a deep sigh.

Vilhall: Then— Then he pulled one last time. The driver's esophagus finally gave out. There was a pop and a crack. His head tilted forward, while his esophagus released blood, and some other strange substance. His spine was broken, right at the base of the neck where the murderer had pulled. It was like time froze when the driver slumped over on the wheel, leaning to the left. We were at a speed of at least 100 Km/h, and the vehicle flipped. When I had balanced myself out enough to look toward the back seat where the murderer was located, I came to an immediate conclusion. He was [[REDACTED]]. I still believe it wasn't him that did it.

<End Log, 5:58 PM>

Closing Statement: Afterward, SCP-2629's information was restricted to Clearance Level 4. Vilhall and surviving recovery team members were terminated. SCP-2629's files were placed under lock and key.

Addendum: Any personnel below Clearance Level 4 that have any knowledge of this document should be terminated immediately. Leak of this document is unacceptable.

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