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Item #: SCP-2597

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: In order to prevent a Runaway Acceleration Event, SCP-2597 must be contained within a vacuumized containment chamber. SCP-2597 must be stored on the highest floor of Site 55, in order to minimize damage in the event of a breach. SCP-2597 is to be submerged within a container of liquid mercury, at sufficient depth that the object maintains neutral buoyancy. This is to counteract the force of gravity, and prevent the object's escape through the ceiling.

SCP-2597 is not to contact the walls, ceiling, or floor of its containment chamber at any time. Any experimentation involving SCP-2597 requires written Level-3 authorization.

Description: SCP-2597 is a weight, ostensibly designed for use with a balance, that behaves as though it possesses negative inertial mass. While the object's composition is unknown, it has been experimentally determined that the inertial mass of SCP-2597 is approximately -2kg, with a density roughly equivalent to that of liquid mercury at STP.

As such, any force applied will result in an acceleration opposite to the initial force vector.

In this way, SCP-2597 will "fall up" under the influence of gravity. Furthermore, if SCP-2597 makes contact with any object as it ascends, the force of this collision - a force opposing the movement of SCP-2597 - will only serve to increase its acceleration. In this way, SCP-2597 will break through any barriers placed in its way once it has begun to accelerate.

It has been theorized that collisions with air particles at high speeds will cause SCP-2597 to accelerate uncontrollably. This would cause the object to reach dangerous speeds very quickly, and could result in harm to personnel as well as site infrastructure.

Addendum: SCP-2597 Recovery Log

SCP-2597 was found in an apartment belonging to known anartist ███ ██████, during investigation of his involvement in the creation of SCP-669. The object was contained at time of recovery in a large glass jar, filled with liquid mercury. Once its anomalous properties were identified, the object was given SCP classification and a member of nearby Site 55's recovery division was dispatched to recover SCP-2597.

The technique used to contain SCP-2597 at its location of recovery was later implemented in the object's current containment. Agent ███'s request to upgrade the classification of SCP-2597 was denied.

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