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Item #: SCP-2593

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Containment Procedures Rev. 3
As SCP-2593 has become hostile to the Foundation, and Foundation personnel, SCP-2593 is to be terminated on sight by security staff. Failure to do so before SCP-2593 makes its delivery will result in SCP-2593 remaining uncontained until the next manifestation event.

In 87% of all successful terminations, SCP-2593 has rematerialized adjacent to Site-217's security perimeter. All other foundation sites are to be placed on high alert.

All delivered baked goods are to be incinerated at first opportunity. At no time are SCP-2593's baked goods to be ingested.

Description: SCP-2593 is an anomalous humanoid entity which appears at a fixed location and time each day, making a delivery of donuts and bagels to Administrative Site-217. SCP-2593 disappears at a fixed point in time later the same day.

SCP-2593 is an anomalous manifestation of James ██████, former owner of a local bakery, Donut Jimmy's Bakery. Donut Jimmy's Bakery was contracted to deliver baked goods daily, for distribution to break rooms throughout the Site.

Foundation records indicate that James ██████ attended the California Institute of technology and received a PhD in Chemistry in ████.

James ██████ was considered for approach by the Foundation for employment, before being screened out due to lack of aptitude in his field. Further records show that multiple applications to various employers were denied due to lack of applicability of his research work, and a general lack of aptitude.

James ██████ opened Donut Jimmy's Bakery with a classmate from his secondary school (George Callaghan) in ████, four years after obtaining his PhD.

SCP-2593 was determined to be anomalous on September 1, ████, when Administrative Site-217 accounts payable found a discrepancy in the food budgets for refreshments, leading to an investigation by Agents Donnelly and McGill. Donut Jimmy's Bakery was observed to have been closed for several days. Local business owners claimed that the bakery had not opened since September 1, ████.

Remote observation of SCP-2593 after it made its daily delivery to Administrative Site-217 showed that SCP-2593 will disappear from view at a distance of .72 KM from the entrance to Administrative Site-217 and will reappear at precisely 0700 hours each day.

Analysis of SCP-2593's delivery confirmed that all food was non-anomalous. Chemical Analysis confirmed them safe for human consumption, and as such, are to be distributed as normal.

SCP-2593 was contained on September 3, followed by an interview about its deliveries. SCP-2593 claimed to have no knowledge of any of the events or effects surrounding SCP-2593 and was placed in a standard humanoid containment chamber. SCP-2593 was extremely distressed and agitated, when informed of the anomalous context surrounding it.

On September 4, ████, SCP-2593 disappeared from its containment cell, and appeared .72 km outside of Administrative Site-217, with the usual quantity of food for delivery each morning. Containment procedures were amended to include an expansion of Site-217's perimeter.

Dr. Jamesson's note:

Continued psychological counseling should give SCP-2593 a stable mental state for the foreseeable future. SCP-2593 is considered contained at this point. What I would like to stress, however, is that SCP-2593 is an anomaly. Not a person. Psychological counseling is the easiest way to keep it contained, however, it's vitally important that we do not relax around SCP-2593, and continue standard security sweeps on its deliveries. Judging by the initial psychological screening report for James when he was considered for Foundation employment, I would also recommend avoiding agitating SCP-2593.

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