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SCP-2479 █ months before anomalous properties manifested.

Item#: SCP-2479

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Both SCP-2479 and the site's immediate perimeter is to be monitored at all times by onsite security personnel. No less than eight guards are to be patrolling the premises at any given time. No individuals are permitted to approach the hatch of SCP-2479 under any circumstances unless approved by at least two members of the O5 council. Research personnel attempting to approach the hatch are to be escorted by no less than four armed guards.

Containment Site-97 has been established with the objective of providing permanent personnel housing and maintenance for onsite monitoring systems. Housing is provided by the military installation's pre-existing structures. Assigned maintenance & security teams are responsible for constant monitoring.

Warning signs are located alongside the perimeter and are to be clearly visible to any civilians or unauthorised persons approaching the site. Any trespassers found within the perimeter are to be detained for questioning and then administered B-class amnestics.

SCP-2479 is currently in dry-dock and is to remain in place. Proposals to relocate SCP-2479 are strictly denied.


SCP-2479 is a Vanguard-class nuclear submarine located at [REDACTED] Naval Military Base, [REDACTED], United Kingdom. Initial discovery occurred due to reports of a disembodied voice audible in the presence of SCP-2479 despite all personnel being onsite and accounted for outside the vessel. See Incident Report 2479-01 for more details.

The anomalous properties of SCP-2479 manifest at three spatial ranges, designated Green Zone (within 50 metres of the object), Red Zone (within 10 metres of the object) and Black Zone (within 1 meter of the object).

Persons within 50 metres of the object will hear a female disembodied voice speaking to them1, with clarity & volume of the voice growing as distance to the object is reduced. The subject's hearing ability appears to have no effect on the voice's volume or clarity. When questioned SCP-2479 will not respond, however it will engage in a one-sided conversation with the subject concerning SCP-2479's disagreements with its immediate family members and the member's involvement in typical household troubles. Observed conversation topics include:

  • Petty thefts, ranging from dinner leftovers to small change
  • Responsibility for household chores
  • Responsibility for pets
  • Poor manners
  • Believing that a family member disapproves of an existing relationship with another family member

Upon an individual entering the object's Red Zone monitoring of the vessel's interior activity indicate the submarine's missile delivery systems and nuclear warheads are armed and prepared for launch. Subjects within the Red zone report the vessel's klaxons sounding whilst subjects in the Green Zone and at a distance greater than 50 metres from the object do not report this. Additionally the voice talking to the subject becomes excited and energetic in tone, expressing its anticipation of a supposed 'lie detector result' being delivered to it.

Entering the Black Zone has two additional anomalous effects. Once a subject has entered the zone, any subjects within the Green, Red and Black zones hear the same voice with an excited tone thanking and praising '██████' for their work and saying that it can now resolve its family disputes.

The second effect takes place once an individual has remained in the Black Zone for more than approximately 10 seconds, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED].

As of date both the 'lie detector test' and the result of this test are currently unknown. Research into discerning these factors and their relevance to SCP-2479's anomalous properties is ongoing.

At present the object has an estimated ██ missiles with ██ warheads remaining. Requests to the O5 council for anti-ballistic missile countermeasures to minimise risk of further incidents and to
further investigate SCP-2479's Black Zone and interior are pending.

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