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SCP-2348 in containment on Site-42. Still from recording made on █/█/██.

Item #: SCP-2348

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2348 is currently housed at Site-42, in Storage House 37. Any unusual behaviour relating to SCP-2348 must be recorded and reported to the Project Manager as soon as possible. Due to high quantities of lethal radiation being present in SCP-2348's containment cell, any personnel entering the enclosure are authorised to wear protective hazmat clothing. As of Experiment 2348-15, any and all experimentation involving SCP-2348 is postponed until further notice. SCP-2348 must be restrained at all times.

Personnel are not advised to interrupt SCP-2348 when it is performing Pro-1 activities as this may trigger Pro-2 activities. Unless permission is granted by the Site Director, SCP-2348 must not be activated.

All territories within a 500 metre radius of SCP-2348-1 are to be patrolled and maintained under the semblance of a state-owned nature preserve, and both SCP-2348-1 and SCP-2348-2 are to remain under constant surveillance from observation post 2348-A.

Description: SCP-2348 is an ellipsoidal artifact of unknown origin comprising of aluminium, scandium and steel plating, with a series of planes and fins affixed to the lower hull. The object measures 5.8 metres in length, 1.5 metres in width and 1.7 metres in height, with three acrylic plastic lenses mounted to the forefront. A collection of four steel beams, running down the full length of the object's underside, lead to a wide opening in the rear from which eight flexible, rubber limbs protrude. Studies into SCP-2348's current condition and material composition suggest the object to be roughly half a century old.

SCP-2348's anomalous qualities may be summarised as such:

  • When exposed to a surge of at least 12.8 volts of electricity, SCP-2348 will engage in a kind of buoyancy and lift off the ground. Mechanical sounds emanating from SCP-2348 will suggest the movement of pistons with studies conducted thus far, however, suggesting the hull of SCP-2348 to be completely empty (See Experiment Log 2348-05).
  • SCP-2348 displays an ability to detect significant supplies of carbon allotrope within a radius of approximately five kilometres. When possible, SCP-2348 will apply its tendrils in order to collect this carbon by a means of magnetic [REDACTED] and insert it into a small, concealed funnel leading down into SCP-2348's interior (This process will hereafter be referred to as Pro-1). The strength displayed by SCP-2348's limbs during this process should not be possible given their structural condition. Pro-1 activities result in the emission of lethal radiation as well as the production of a bright yellow light.
  • In the event that SCP-2348 is not capable of obtaining carbon in its purest form, it will proceed to dismantle and convert the nearest complex organism into a usable fuel source (This process will hereafter be referred to as Pro-2). In some circumstances, Pro-2 activity has been observed to last as long as two hours. When involving animals, such a process normally has two main stages: Stage one involves a mixture of GABA1, glycine and ███████, a curare alkaloid, being introduced into the victim's body; This causes paralysis, and hallucinations may manifest. Stage two involves a complete disassembly of the subject's body followed by its conversion into energy.
  • SCP-2348's preferred form of pure carbon is diamond, yet in any case SCP-2348 shows a distinct capability to extract much more energy from carbon-based minerals as is currently known to be possible for a machine of its scale.

SCP-2348's condition in ████, Sweden, prior to being claimed by the foundation. Photograph taken on █/█/██.

  • SCP-2348, when supplied with at least 0.3g of diamond, will commence in emitting a series of LF2 radio transmissions by an unknown means (See Experiment Log 2348-08). Research is ongoing into how this is possible for a device of SCP-2348's size.

The purpose behind any radio waves transmitted by SCP-2348 appears to be that of communication with an unknown entity SCP-2348-1 (See Addendum 2348-B). These messages are often quite short, consisting of only 200-250 bits of information at a time. On █/█/██, over the course of Experiment 2348-15, SCP-2348 ceased transmitting completely and went into a form of deactivation. Up until this point, it has shown no signs of reanimation (See Addendum 2348-C).

Addendum 2348-A: The following are a series of significant interactions between researchers and SCP-2348 (Future experimentation involving SCP-2348 is awaiting approval):

Site-42 staff working in relation to SCP-2348 request permission to introduce restraints into the item's enclosure in an attempt to ensure staff safety,
Dr. ███ ████, █/█/██


Addendum 2348-B: The following is a detailed account of SCP-2348-1 and SCP-2348-2:

Addendum 2348-C: The following is an incident report filed on █/█/██:

Recent analysis of SCP-2348-1's mining plot has shown the area to be undergoing a mineral depletion at a rate of -█% per month; By this figure, the site will only be of use to SCP-2348-1 for the next ██ years.
It should also be noted that instances of SCP-2348-2 have begun to show an awareness of foundation activity on the site. I believe that this can be observed in the form of its revised flight patterns and significant population increase.
I request on behalf of all staff at observation post 2348-A that a second tower be erected, for the purposes of study into SCP-2348-1 and SCP-2348-2 activity, and that funding for our project be increased by 11% (Negotiable) over the course of the next three years,
Dr. ████ ███████, █/█/██


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