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Item #: SCP-2216

Object Class: Euclid


Secure testing Site-109 - View from Camera 'S'.

Special Containment Procedures: As the method of transmission utilized by SCP-2216-1 is not fully understood, Mobile Task Force Iota-7 ("Mavericks") should focus efforts on the identification and recovery of SCP-2216-2 instances. Five (5) instances of SCP-2216-2 are to be kept at Site-19/2216 in separate storage lockers equipped with a Faraday cage to prevent wireless transmission of SCP-2216-1. Additional instances of SCP-2216-2 are to be destroyed at the earliest opportunity by incineration or confined to a Faraday-equipped storage apparatus in cases where incineration is not immediately possible. Due to SCP-2216-1's anomalous effects, visual testing of SCP-2216-2 is to be carried out exclusively by D-Class personnel.

All MTF Iota-7 agents and level 4/2216 researchers are to wear one-way mirrored, 100% reflective eye protection when viewing any visual media or subjects who have viewed an instance of SCP-2216-2. In the event that eye protection is damaged or removed, affected personnel should be contained and monitored for signs consistent with SCP-2216-1 exposure.

Subjects who have viewed an instance of SCP-2216-2 are to be contained for at least ten (10) days in a windowless 5 meter by 5 meter humanoid containment cell and monitored for signs consistent with SCP-2216-1 exposure. Subjects must undergo Procedure 185-Bellerophon to determine conscious awareness of SCP-2216-1. Subjects are allowed reasonable requests with the exception of electronic devices. Containment cell lighting is to be maintained at two hundred fifty (250) lumens and monitored by CCTV equipment placed behind a one-way mirror. Subjects determined to be a vector for SCP-2216-3 events must be monitored until the completion of testing to forestall SCP-2216-3. All video monitoring equipment is to be destroyed immediately following testing and termination of SCP-2216-3p subjects.


Note from O5-█: Due to the nature of the infohazard contained herein, access of this document is restricted to three (3) researchers with assigned security clearance 4/2216. Researchers are to be informed of the identity of their peers at the time of assignment to SCP-2216. Upon submission of credentials, personnel are to be contained to Site-19/2216 with staff rotations to occur on a monthly basis. Interaction with outside personnel is restricted to necessary O5 reporting conducted strictly through audio channels. Researchers who have completed work with SCP-2216 are to be debriefed and administered Class-C amnestics before leaving the premises of Site-19/2216. Should any personnel inform you they have been granted level 4/2216 clearance, please report them to O5-█ immediately.

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