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Item #: SCP-2202

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2202 is to be contained in a reinforced chamber measuring 1.6m x 2.5m x 4.1m. The walls of this chamber are paneled with high-resolution video screens constantly displaying mathematically-generated white noise images. The chamber is equipped with a sound system which will constantly broadcast white noise at a volume no lower than 120db. Areas of Site-██ immediately adjacent to the SCP-2202 containment chamber are to be constructed with curved or rounded floor plans, and equipped with audio systems capable of broadcasting white noise at 120dB should SCP-2202 breach containment. During a containment breach, all instances of SCP-2202-1 are to be recovered and transported to the onsite fortified greenhouse.

In light of data recovered by Project Pherecydes [See Document Pherecydes-R-0001 below], Foundation and GOC researchers are currently developing alternate legume-based containment measures.

Description: SCP-2202 is a hostile, animate entity capable of altering matter to conform with the principles of Pythagorean mathematics. SCP-2202 occupies a regular area of space measuring approximately 1.54m x 2.47m x 3.99m, but is otherwise incorporeal. SCP-2202 is visually undetectable on electronic recording devices, and eyewitness descriptions of its appearance are generally inconsistent. Common descriptions of SCP-2202 include repetitive triangular patterns, recirculating clouds of dust, or depictions of squares and rectangles. At all times, SCP-2202 emits a varying pure tone with a frequency between ███ and ███Hz, with all tones falling somewhere on the Pythagorean tuning scale1.

SCP-2202 does not appear to be affected by gravity, and is capable of rectilinear movement2 at a maximum observed rate of 0.77m/s. SCP-2202's containment area has been designed to exploit this fact, as it is unable to rapidly traverse curved or non-linear spaces.

SCP-2202's level of intelligence is unclear. It has demonstrated no comprehension of written or spoken human language, and since the events of ██/██/19██ has not attempted communication with Foundation or GOC personnel [See Addendum 1 below]. SCP-2202 is repelled or injured by exposure to mathematically-generated random noise in any form, especially sound at volumes of above 100db or images of visual white noise with uneven side lengths.

SCP-2202 is capable of altering the composition of organic and inorganic matter, although it appears to follow certain patterns or templates of alteration. SCP-2202 converts volumes of non-living organic or inorganic matter into equivalent volumes of white Grecian marble3. The size of this effect appears to be variable, but the ratio between its dimensions will always be equal to φ (approx. 1.61803). SCP-2202 can convert any number of inorganic objects simultaneously, but appears to only be able to affect one living organism at a time. Living beings altered by this effect are converted into unremarkable, viable instances of Leucanthemum vulgare, or ox-eye daisies. This process lasts anywhere from 10 to 35 seconds; the source of this variation is unclear, as the rate of conversion is not dependent on the mass or volume of the target. All flowers produced by SCP-2202 are to be designated instances of SCP-2202-1 [See Addendum 2].

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