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Picture of SCP-1851

Item #: SCP-1851

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Only D-Class level personnel are permitted to enter the building containing SCP-1851. Six to ten armed guards are to be stationed around the perimeter of the building containing SCP-1851. A two meter tall chain link fence is to surround the two hundred square meter property. Unauthorized individuals entering the property are to be ordered to leave. Individuals are to be administered Class C amnestics if non-compliant and deposited in ████ Medical Center.

To prevent SCP-1851 from actively obtaining subjects, a rabbit is to be released into the building every three days.

Discarded instances of SCP-1851-1 are to be stored in Site-███ until further notice.

Description: SCP-1851 is a doll that resembles a 1.57 meter tall female Caucasian with blond hair and hazel eyes. SCP-1851 resides within a building1, located near ████, ██████. SCP-1851 is typically observed using a remotely controlled rover. SCP-1851 moves throughout the containment site, occasionally performing maintenance on the interior and exterior of the building and grounds. The maintenance SCP-1851 provides includes tending the garden, repairing the walls of the building, and cleaning the floors. Personnel on-site have reported that SCP-1851 notices the presence of individuals, but does not actively attempt to communicate.

SCP-1851 remains docile until any live member of Mammalia or Aves enters the building, after which SCP-1851 begins displaying stockpiling behavior. However, if the animal does not meet the requirements for SCP-1851 (the exact requirements have yet to be determined)2, it will be killed and discarded upon entering the building.

SCP-1851 will then forcefully move the animal (referred to as SCP-1851-1) within the confines of the building, at which point the animal will undergo systematic conversion, changing it into a rudimentary doll. The initial stage of the conversion is the shrinking of the subject, ending when the subject shrinks to one tenth of its size. After this, the subject’s internal mass becomes either a hollow cavity or cotton, based on analysis of discarded dolls. Finally, the subject's skin is converted into porcelain or plastic if made hollow, or cloth if filled with cotton.

After evaluating SCP-1851-1, SCP-1851 will either store the doll in a toy box in the nursery or discard the doll. Attempts to retrieve instances of SCP-1851-1 that have not been discarded have resulted in violent reactions from SCP-1851, which led to the destruction of two rovers and three drones. However, retrieval of discarded instances have yielded no reaction from SCP-1851. After the process is completed, SCP-1851 returns to its typical behavior, moving throughout the building.


Current residence of SCP-1851

If SCP-1851 does not have any interactions with a new instance of SCP-1851-1 for a week, it will actively seek organisms for the conversion process.

Addendum 1
The Foundation was first alerted of SCP-1851 by reports of people being forcefully removed out of their homes and disappearing near the town of ████, ██████. Mobile Task Force Phi-3 (aka "Collectors") was sent to the house to determine the cause of the disappearances.

On 7/6/20██, Researchers noticed a sharp increase in stockpiling behavior and doll-production from SCP-1851, followed by a complete cessation of activity on 7/8/20██. On 7/9/20██, audio devices placed within the building recorded sounds resembling human singing. Due to the docile state in which SCP-1851 was in, clearance was given for Researcher Julia ████████ to enter the building, with accompaniment from Security Officer Dwight ██████, for purposes of documentation. Upon entering, Researcher Julia ████████ found SCP-1851 moving around the home's kitchen, apparently docile. SCP-1851 was approached, and attempts at communication were made. Enclosed are the results of Researcher Julia ████████'s attempt.

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