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Item #: SCP-1831

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1831 cannot currently be contained. SCP-1831's three-dimensional projection is to be contained in a standard Site-19 containment chamber, and is to be provided with a permanent D-Class instance for entertainment. Selection of D-Class who enjoy interactions with SCP-1831 is advisable.

Description: SCP-1831 is a sentient ten-dimensional1 construct of indeterminate physicality. SCP-1831 appears as three-dimensional projections of its original ten-dimensional appearance, usually in the form of a sphere. SCP-1831 claims to be "Mr. Shapey, from Little Misters ® by Dr. Wondertainment".2

The material SCP-1831 is constructed of has not conclusively been determined; projections are usually a polyester/cotton/rayon blend, but variations (including polyester/cotton, polyester/rayon, silk/cotton, rayon/silk, silk/polyester/cotton, cotton/polyester/silk, rayon/cotton/polyester/silk, linen/silk, linen/rayon, linen/cotton, and linen/cotton/rayon/polyester/silk) have been observed. It is unknown if portions of SCP-1831 are constructed of these materials, if SCP-1831 is creating different blends of these materials via differential slices of its actual form, or if SCP-1831 is using some unknown method to change its material composition. Non-fabric compositions have not been observed.

SCP-1831 communicates via manipulations of its three-dimensional projection in order to produce either symbolic representation (alphanumerical or pictorial) or acoustic vibrations that resolve into speech. SCP-1831 appears to be cognizant of all pan-human languages.

SCP-1831 is friendly towards personnel, and will often try to interact with them. This interaction is universally nonlethal; however, personnel interacted with in this manner report different reactions to this, ranging from feelings of enjoyment to feelings of mild anxiety. These feelings appear to be dictated by individual psychological makeup and predisposition towards intimate contact.

While SCP-1831 was presumably constructed with a standard Little Mister collection list, it has not been located, and is presumed to be similarly extradimensional. SCP-1831 has claimed ignorance of any Little Mister collection list in its possession.

SCP-1831 has refused to be housed in the same facilities as the other collected Misters, citing personal grievances with several other instances3 as well as a willingness to be differentiated from them. Given SCP-1831's amenability to containment, and the overall low risk of containment breach, this request has been approved.

SCP-1831 routinely requests interactions with various researchers not actively involved in its containment. Due to the risk of security breaches, these requests have been summarily denied.

SCP-1831 was first discovered when it materialized into a temporary holding cell in Site-19 and requested containment. SCP-1831's motivations behind this have not been determined; SCP-1831 has been consistently vague in interviews, refusing to expand on its pre-containment history. The reasons for this are currently unknown.

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