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SCP-1824 in [REDACTED].

Item #: SCP-1824

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Early identification (prior to the Expansion State) of SCP-1824 remains a top priority in containment of the phenomenon. Personnel are to monitor the United States economy and investigate any localized significant recession.

A series of Foundation vehicles are to patrol the areas vulnerable to SCP-1824 and obtain comprehensive photographic data on every ground level exterior vertical surface therein. In addition, similar imaging programs utilized by online mapping agencies, as well as the FBI and NSA are to be tapped and added to the data pool. This information is to be processed by a graphic analysis program capable of isolating and identifying the designs congruent with SCP-1824.

Should SCP-1824 be discovered, the Foundation is to designate SCP-1824-1 as biologically or chemically contaminated, then evacuate all individuals that inhabit the area. Evacuated individuals are to be housed at Foundation-controlled temporary housing until the manifestation has ended. Should SCP-1824 enter the Expansion State and total evacuation has not yet been achieved, a gas vein explosion is to be emulated to expedite this process. Due to the highly public nature of SCP-1824, standard media blackout procedures are to be applied.

Description: SCP-1824 is a phenomenon manifesting as a graffiti design composed of red, black, and white spray-paint. SCP-1824 has thus far only made its initial appearance in urban environments with a population density of 14,000/km2 or higher in the contiguous United States. The graffiti always manifests on ground-level surfaces that are vertical or very nearly vertical. Designs produced by SCP-1824 are consistent in that they always feature a winged female humanoid, and possess a size of 1m x 1m or greater. Removing or obscuring the graffiti does not prevent or alter SCP-1824's effects.

All individuals that reside within the effective range of SCP-1824 (this area is hereafter referred to as SCP-1824-1 and possesses an initial radius of roughly 50 meters) will demonstrate a pessimistic attitude towards the economy and their own financial situation. This effect will result inevitably in financial retention, and steadily worsen the economy of SCP-1824-1. Due to this, crime rates and the standard of living in said area will increase and decrease respectively.

After a period of approximately 45-47 days after SCP-1824's initial appearance, the phenomenon will begin to increase the effective range of SCP-1824-1 by 2-3 meters every 24 hours (this has since been designated the "Expansion State"). This is marked by the appearance of additional graffiti of the same design in the extended area. This growth will continue until all available area with a population density of approximately 7,000/km2 or greater is affected. It does not appear that SCP-1824 can expand through areas with a population density lower than 7,000/km2, though once manifested, it will persist in SCP-1824-1 until the area is fully depopulated.

Each individual manifestation of SCP-1824 appears to abate only when SCP-1824-1 is completely devoid of human habitation. SCP-1824 has not been observed to generate multiple manifestations simultaneously, and occurrences are approximately 14-23 months apart.

Addendum [1824-001]: Additional Documentation

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