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Portion of SCP-1767's manifestation zone.

Item #: SCP-1767

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area in which SCP-1767 is known to manifest should be monitored by plainclothes Foundation agents. Subjects residing in buildings affected by SCP-1767 are to be evicted, and Foundation agents move in to observe the anomaly. In the event that instances of SCP-1767-1 manifest, they are to be destroyed and their remains interred within Site-77 for further research.

Description: SCP-1767 is an anomalous region within the British city of London. Subjects living within SCP-1767 must be living in a state of poverty before any anomalous effect will initiate. More desperate living conditions will cause a more intense effect. In the affected regions, subjects have been known to live with up to twenty people in a small bedroom, and with extremely primitive to nonexistent sanitation and ventilation. Rodent and insect infestations, along with disease, high infant mortality, alcoholism, prostitution, and general crime are ubiquitous to areas affected by SCP-1767.

Initially, SCP-1767 will manifest itself as movement within the buildings in the affected area. Internal structures will not be consistent with the outside, with rooms and halls adding up to significantly smaller floor space than the outside size would suggest. Windows and ventilation shafts visible from the outside will cease to exist inside the building, and internal plumbing will cease pumping water. Subjects within these buildings will express dissatisfaction and anger with their surroundings, which is amplified as long as they reside within areas affected by SCP-1767.

Following a period of time between 10-20 days, semi-humanoid entities will begin manifesting from the buildings affected by SCP-1767. These entities are classified as instances of SCP-1767-1. They are composed primarily of stone and concrete, and take the form of various body parts made of stone protruding from buildings. Once manifested, they will begin a variety of activities, including:

  • Pounding on the walls.
  • Breaking windows, doorframes, and other fragile structures.
  • Scraping against the walls, ceilings and floors, in a manner reminiscent of rodents or insects.
  • Dirtying clothing and objects by rapidly shedding flakes of paint, dirt and dust onto them.
  • Manifesting mouths under the floors, which will moan softly. Voice has been described as "rough" and has a male inflection.

SCP-1767 was initially noted in 1967, after the local police force in London documented the spatial anomalies in their case files. Following the discovery, SCP-1767-1 instances began manifesting, and attacking subjects within the area. Investigation into the origin of the phenomenon was inconclusive.1 As of 9/12/1976, SCP-1767 has been classified as Euclid.

Addendum: Letter sent to Central News Agency of London. Author is unknown, letter contained ground masonry and unidentifiable fluids.

To the people

How do you let yourselves live?

When you see a degeneration like this, of us people being brutalized and brought to utter ruin by an uncaring society, where the morals and ethics of all men perish with their fortunes… how can all of you live with the shame? Why do you continue to try and deputize the world in your fight against normalcy, because you do not work and you do not come out to play? It's not anyones fault but the person standing at your own two feet. Why do I even bother explaining it to people, when you'll probably burn my help to keep warm for just one night. I cannot teach you to fish, because you break the rod and use it for kindling! It's your own fault. Don't blame us.

You have no will, just innermost desires.

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