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Recovered photo of SCP-1573

Item #: SCP-1573

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1573 is to be held within a standard containment locker, located within Site-77. Personnel assigned to work with SCP-1573 are never to have been within the town of ████████, Mexico, outside of sanctioned research. Any subjects found to have been affected by SCP-1573 are to be counseled, due to the ineffectiveness of standard amnestic treatments, and released in an area outside ████████. Foundation personnel within the town itself are to observe any children under the age of 3 for anomalous properties. One D-Class subject affected by SCP-1573 is to be kept with these agents, and spared monthly terminations in order to identify children of whom SCP-1573 affects their perception.

Description: SCP-1573 is a hollow ceramic teapot, weighing approximately 3 kilograms. The statue depicts the head of a human infant, mounted on top of several cephalopod tentacles. When outside the town of ████████, subjects affected by SCP-1573 do not experience any effects caused by it.

If subjects who have come into direct physical contact with SCP-1573 enter ████████, they may begin to perceive children under the age of 11 years old differently. This perception-altering effect is limited to children native to the town, as foreign children and those who were born outside ████████ will not be reported as appearing abnormal. Subjects will claim that these entities communicate with it, threatening to inflict severe bodily harm unless the subject settles in the town and has children. Subjects will claim to see children as small, emaciated humanoid figures obscured by dark smoke in the shape of the child's body.

Subjects affected by SCP-1573 who have their own children conceived or born within the town may perceive them as a parasitic humanoid, with an appearance similar to SCP-1573. They will claim that their child is constantly within their bodies, causing them to become sick and die in order to propagate itself. Subjects will not explain how this process is possible, and will continue to profess this belief until their child is over the age of 11, at which point they will refuse to acknowledge the child's existence. Children will display expected behavior.

SCP-1573 was recovered on 08/11/1959, after reports of bizarre birth defects originating in ████████ reached Foundation personnel embedded in the local area. After finding none of the reported defects, but over ██ subjects affected by SCP-1573, SCP-1573 was classified as an anomaly. Local residents directed them to SCP-1573, claiming that several of them had been delivered to the town, but all except one had been destroyed due to accidents1. After amnestic treatment proved ineffective, affected residents were relocated, and SCP-1573 was contained. In addition, the body of a man identified as the one who delivered SCP-1573 was found outside the town, buried in a shallow grave. As of 09/02/1959, it has been classified as Safe.

Addendum: Document recovered from the body found buried outside the town.

Hello, friends. theres a lot of strange things lurking in the desert, and we all know that. but soon, they might be moving in. hope this helps you spot them when they get here

Addendum: Overview of ████████, Mexico.

The town has a population of 1,229 residents, and is located █ miles from the nearest major settlement. It was founded in 189█, and until 1958 had a population of under ███. It is believed that following the arrival of SCP-1573, there was a small population boom, which nearly doubled its population.

It is to be noted that as of 07/11/1975, the population of ███████ is still primarily under the age of 15.

Addendum: Incident 1573-A:

On 8/19/1975, during routine medical examinations of D-4561, who had been stationed in ███████, it was found that she had become pregnant. Due to the fact that D-4561 had previously been determined to be sterile after receiving a hysterectomy, she was sent to Site-56 for observation. After a normal gestation period, D-4561 went into labor on 5/22/1976. During the delivery, it was was noted that the baby appeared to have mutations similar to those described by D-4561 when referring to children in ███████. DNA testing showed [DATA EXPUNGED] Xenobiologists have been stationed within ███████, and investigation is ongoing.

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